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How to move Magento from one server to another?

Magento developer sometimes need to move the Magento eCommerce shop from one directory location to another directory location or from one host server domain to new host server domain. Migrating Magento to a new server is a simple task once you understand how to do it. Below are the two methods of moving Magento from one server to another. So read through to know how to move Magento from one server to another.

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How to integrate WordPress into Magento?

The Magento WordPress Integration plugin for WordPress primarily allows you to initiate an instance of your local Magento installation in your WordPress theme. You will be able to add any Magento blocks to your WordPress theme using the  Magento WordPress Integration plugin including static blocks created through the Magento admin area and the ones you have created yourself. This allows you to communicate with your Magento store to bring in certain elements that are usually unavailable, such as the navigationmini shopping cart, static blocksand logos.

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How to clean log details in Magento?

Magento is highly stable eCommerce system but it’s database is not very efficient. Every eCommerce store needs a sizable database to products and services online. But if certain precautions are not taken on time then magento Database could go extremely large as most of the low performance of the website is due to the data which is not used but stored in database.

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How to spot a Magento running store?

When it comes to ecommerce, it is believed that less is more and simplicity is the key. We have seen many fair share of eCommerce websites over the past few years, the bulk being on Magento. Below are some little set of clues that can help you spot a Magento store running in the wild. So read through to know how to spot a Magento running store.

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