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Magento is a very famous open-source e-commerce web application which help businesses go online.Whether its a small business or large, Magento can be used everywhere.It has capacity to handle thousands and lakhs of transactions. Magento is a complex CMS to work with as its built on Zend framework.

Maintaining a Magento website is not easy as that of running It. Magento requires regular updates but updating this application is bit tricky so we strictly recommend you to do this with caution. Most importantly a backup of the whole site should be taken before you start doing it.
We get a lot of request almost everyday inquiring about correcting the errors which users/developers generally get after upgrading the websites.Most of them try to do it with MagentoConnect Manager which is not at all recommended. If you are doing it by MagentoConnect Manager, then beware, you may get errors after you upgrade, so don’t forget to take a backup.

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