Joomla Plugin Development

Among a number of Joomla extensions, plugins is one of the important extension types. Plugins adds life to the Joomla website, yet they are ones that are usually neglected or over used. And both have hidden negative impact on the website, as a whole. They improve the functionality and look of the website, when used with caution. But drastically reduces the Joomla page load speed, when too many plug-in are used.
If getting rid of excess plug-ins is tough, then plugin customization is the thing Joomla users must considered. Custom plug-ins can be made which perform the same functions more effectively. Infyways Solutions provides unique custom plug-in development services at reasonable price. We have a specialized team of experts, to look after your need. But before requesting a quote, choose the right type of plug-in you would like to have. The following are a list of plugin types for Joomla websites:

Plugin Types

  • Search Plugins to search data bases, categories or anything in the website faster and accurately.
  • System Plugins allows users to alter the PHP codes and thereby alter the manner in which the site runs.
  • User Plugins gives greater control to the users by allowing them to take specific actions at different time.
  • Authentication Plugins is a set of advanced plugins which allows users to authenticate and verify details from different sources.
  • Content Plugins facilitates the manner in which content is displayed in the website.
  • Editor Plugins allows users to play with content, by customizing them with richer font types, color codes and CSS.

Some other types of plug-ins include XML RPC plug-ins for interacting with the server and payment plug-ins for e-commerce websites. Trouble choosing the right kind of Plugin? Contact Us.

Plugin Customization Features

Infyways offers a number of features in its plugin development services, to choose from. Depending on whether you ask for modifying an existing plugin in the market to suite your taste or design a completely custom made plugin, we have different schemes. Every detail with be discussed with client, once a request is made. Be assured, there are no hidden costs involved.
Here are some of the highlights of our Plugin development services:

  • Licensed plugin within the prescribed guidelines
  • Each plug-in is hand coded
  • Search engine friendly
  • Compatible with all Joomla templates
  • Negotiable price and time quote
  • 100 % customer satisfaction or money back guarantee
  • Affordable cost and Fast turnaround time

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