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Joomla, a globally recognized CMS, powers over 2 million active sites. Despite its popularity and robust features, Joomla isn’t inherently SEO-friendly. That’s where Infyways steps in. With our expert Joomla SEO services, we’ll transform your website to enhance its quality, ranking, and overall performance.

Joomla SEO Services

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Before we dive into the strategies, it’s important to understand what Joomla SEO is. Joomla SEO is a digital marketing strategy aimed at improving your website’s visibility in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Search engines consider factors such as links, keywords, page speed, and optimized content for ranking. Joomla offers URL rewriting capabilities and SEO-friendly URLs out of the box, making it a great platform for SEO.
keyword research

Conduct Keyword Research

 Discover relevant search terms for your business and incorporate them into your website’s content, meta titles, and descriptions to improve search engine ranking.


Enable Search-Friendly URLs

Use Joomla’s Global setting to create URLs that are easy to read and understand for both users and search engines.

meta title description

Write Effective Meta Titles and Descriptions

Create meta titles and descriptions that include your keywords and entice users to click, improving search engine understanding and user engagement.

optimize images

Optimize Your Images

Use descriptive file names and alt text for your images to improve their visibility in search engine image results.

link building strategies

Implement Link-Building Strategies

Gain quality backlinks from other websites to improve your website’s authority and ranking.

mobile friendly

Design for Mobile-Friendliness

Ensure your website is mobile-friendly to provide a better user experience and improve search engine ranking.


Create and Submit an XML Sitemap

Use a Joomla extension or an online sitemap generator to create an XML sitemap, assisting search engine crawlers in navigating your website.

user schema

Use Schema Markup

 Provide additional information about your content to search engines using schema markup, enhancing your pages’ appearance in search results.

duplicate contents

Use Canonicalization for Duplicate Content

Use canonical URLs to manage duplicate content, telling search engines which version of a page to consider as the primary one.

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At Infyways, we’ve successfully ranked multiple websites, significantly improving our clients’ search rankings using proven strategies involving proper keywords, indexing, and sitemaps. Contact us today for a FREE consultation call, and our Joomla SEO Experts will determine the best option for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions​

Yes, Joomla is good for SEO. However, it requires expert care initially to ensure everything is set up properly for optimal ranking.

The best SEO for Joomla involves a combination of strategies including proper keyword usage, indexing, sitemap management, and more. Infyways provides top-notch SEO services for Joomla websites.

Optimizing Joomla for SEO involves making sure your URLs are SEO-friendly, your files are named properly, and more. It’s always beneficial to engage a Joomla SEO company like Infyways for assistance.

SEO services include site audits, keyword research, content optimization, link building, technical SEO, local SEO, and more. These services aim to improve your website’s visibility and rankings on search engines.

Plugins in Joomla are extensions that add specific features to your website, enhancing its functionality. Popular SEO plugins include Sh404sef and ArtioJoomSEF.

On-page optimization in Joomla SEO refers to all measures taken within the website to improve its position in search rankings. This includes optimizing content for relevant keywords, ensuring the website is mobile-friendly, improving page load speed, and implementing proper meta tags. It also involves creating SEO-friendly URLs, using header tags correctly, and ensuring high-quality, original content. Infyways can assist you with all aspects of on-page optimization for your Joomla website.

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Infyways gave me the tools to boost my presence on Google, leading to valuable interactions and potential business. They always go above and beyond. Couldn't recommend them enough!
Matthew Roles
Matthew Roles
Managing Director at Curzon Investment Partners
The project increased conversations with customers and increased understanding of the market. Infyways has been notably responsive and helpful throughout the engagement.
sherly arora​
Sherly Arora
Head of Sales at All Services 4 U
Working with Infyways has been a game-changer for our online presence. Their expertise in Joomla SEO has significantly boosted our site's traffic and engagement. Their team is always responsive and ready to assist with any questions or challenges we face. Highly recommended!
jane thompson​
Jane Thompson
Thompson Digital Solutions
Infyways has been instrumental in our website's success. Their Joomla SEO services have helped us rank higher in search results, leading to increased visibility and customer conversions. They're not just our SEO agency; they're an integral part of our team.
david martinez
David Martinez
Founder & Director at Tech Innovations Inc.

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