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Joomla Upgrade Services to Latest Stable Versions

joomla-upgrade-latest-versionEver wondered why Joomla announces new Joomla upgrade versions frequently from time to time? Yes, Joomla CMS being an open source is prone to hacks and threats. And the Joomla community also makes an effort to introduce newer features. For this reason it is considered one of the best and currently active CMS over the Internet.

Necessity of Joomla Upgrade

Although it is quite obvious why Joomla website owners should upgrade Joomla to latest versions, yet they prefer not to. This can affect websites in the long run. So, we have highlighted some of the possible reasons for a Joomla upgrade and why you too should upgrade your Joomla website.

  • Addresses Detected Joomla Issues & Offers Greater Security

With each Joomla upgrade, a number of bugs and malwares are fixed. Joomla websites running on updated Joomla versions are comparatively safe and hack proof.

  • Introduction of Latest & Improved Joomla Features

New features are also a reason why the Joomla community rolls out newer features. So to make use of more user friendly features and to keep your website updated, upgrading Joomla is a must.

  • No More Support for Older Versions of Joomla

Another reason why you have to opt for upgrade Joomla services is after a certain time period the Joomla community stops providing patches and support for older versions. That’s why you have to choose a latest Joomla version in the Joomla upgrade timeline.

Upgrade Joomla Versions Timeline

Joomla Version

Release Date

End Date

Release Type


Jan 2008

April 2012



Jan 2011

Aug 2011



July 2011

Feb 2012



Jan 2012

Aug 2013



Sept 2012

Feb 2013



Mar 2013

Sept 2013



Sept 2013

Feb 2015


So what next to do if you have an outdated Joomla version? Should you invest once again and build a new website or just upgrade Joomla version? Ofcourse you would want to enjoy all the new features and stay safe by upgrading your Joomla website or blog. It is both cost effective and time saving.

If you are in search of a Joomla upgrade service provider to upgrade your Joomla website then look no further. We are here to assist you in upgrading your website to latest version.

Joomla Upgrade Services Offered

Infyways Solutions is a reputed Joomla web development company providing specialized Joomla services. It has been satisfactorily serving the needs of clients worldover since 2007. Some of the main highlights of the Joomla upgrade services currently offered are:

  • Upgrading old Joomla version to latest versions
  • Migrating articles, categories, images and contact forms
  • Re-installation of components, plugin and modules compatible with newer Joomla version

 Upgrade Joomla Website Features List

  • Implementation of newer techniques
  • Affordable price quote
  • Timely services & Zero website downtime
  • 100% customer satisfaction or money back guarantee
  • Completely secured

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