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Magento Installation Services and Features List


magento-installation-servicesInstalling Magento on a new system is a tough ask for many users. Setting up Magento requires the services of professionals. It is because Magento is a very powerful content management system with advanced features. It can be used to design any type of eCommerce websites. Magento installation empowers website with unique and rich features. A multidimensional shopping cart can be designed, created and maintained easily using Magento service features. Preferably, this CMS is used for setting online stores for large enterprises.

Need of Magento Installation

If Magento installation process is a difficult task, then why should you hire a Magento installation service provider? You can think of installing a simpler eCommerce CMS like OpenCart or VirtueMart. But, for a fully functional and efficient store, installing Magento is a must. Below is a list of reasons on why Magento installation is a necessity for online businesses.

  • Free shipping and flexible pricing features offered by Magento
  • Install Magento for improved social shopping
  • By default, Magento is very search engine friendly
  • A truly world class CMS with international support
  • Magento installation for increased growth, better controls and improved ROI

Apart from these unique features, enjoy other basic eCommerce options by installing Magento.

Magento Installation Services Offered

As mentioned earlier, Magento installation requires some technical know-how. And therefore, for error free setup, a professional Magento installation service provider is required. There are many Magento installation service providers over the Internet.

Infyways Solutions is one such service provider, which has enough experience in successful Magento installation.  Since 2007, we have been offering quality Magento installation services to its customers. Some of the main highlights of our Magento installation services include:

  • Reliable and easy Magento installation
  • Error free and secure installation
  • Magento installation on desired server
  • Template installation and shopping cart integration
  • Magento website and stores setup
  • Magento custom extension development

Magento Installation Services Features

Infyways Solutions offers the best Magento installation services to its customers at affordable price. We make a complete backup of the entire site and try to install it on our servers first. On successful Magento installation, we then shift it to client’s server for re-installation. So there is no chance of any loss of data, during the entire installation process.

If you want to set up a business store and are looking for a Magento installation service provider, then request a quote today. We deal with Magento re-installation services as well. Our main features of Magento installation services are:

  • 100% customer satisfaction or money back offer
  • 24×7 friendly online support and maintenance
  • Required Magento extensions at nominal prices

To avail any of our Magento installation services, request a quote today.