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How to convert file to database in Magento?

Magento’s session goes the same way at the underlying as other programming framework. Main concept of session is to store Data and used whenever required. It is always kept in one of the four storage infrastructures, consisting of Database, Filesystem, Memcache and tmpfs-backed Filesystem, which can easily be chosen during installation phase and is not cared by developers as well as end-users.

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How can you resize images in Magento?

People standardize the size of their images to maintain the correct proportion and to ensure that they appear at the highest possible resolution. Images of various dimensions and sizes can impact the presentation of your product catalogue. Magento resizes product images according to the dimensions specified by the theme.

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What are the various Magento development tools?

Many developers think of making their lives easier by relying on tools to extend their competency. Magento is a complex system and especially for beginners development for the system can get complex without proper tools. It can be beneficial for a beginning magento developer to dig through the thousands of lines of code that exists inside of the Magento core, but it is definitely not the most productive use of any developer’s time.

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