Top WordPress Support Service Providers in 2023

WordPress Support Service

Small business and non-profit leaders know a safe, quick, functioning website is essential. The unstated truth: You can perform all that tech maintenance and development yourself or hire someone else. However, doing it yourself is only sometimes practical. 

Don’t worry—there are many outstanding WordPress support service providers.  We selected the best in the business to assist you in locating WordPress support services. The top 10 WordPress support and maintenance services of 2023 are listed below.

1. Infyways Solutions

WordPress Support Service

You can trust Infyways for trustworthy and complete WordPress support services. Infyways offers 24/7 support to keep customers’ WordPress sites running smoothly so they can focus on what matters most. Their WordPress Support and Maintenance Services are customized to business owners, offering various critical services to maintain WordPress websites. 

  • Regular WordPress updates
  • Core upgrades
  • Theme and plugin maintenance 

Their support plans include backups, performance optimization, malware scanning, and other WordPress improvements. WordPress website upkeep can be tiresome and challenging, but Infyways’ devoted team can help clients. 

This provider of WordPress support services encompasses several duties to keep websites secure, updated, and smooth. The team improves security, monitors website availability, optimizes performance, and provides thorough data to help clients make decisions. 

WordPress support from Infyways is available worldwide for small businesses and major corporations. Their reasonable pricing shows their dedication to exceptional service without breaking the wallet. 

They create customized service plans based on client’s goals, budgets, and needs. Infyways’ team resolves even the most complex WordPress issues in 30 minutes and delivers high-quality services quickly. Their unlimited WordPress support ensures clients’ websites stay in top shape. 

2. The Mighty Mo!

WordPress Support Service

The Mighty Mo! is a force in unlimited WordPress support services for businesses. The Mighty Mo! takes clients’ ideas into usable WordPress websites with great customer experiences and high conversion rates. The Mighty Mo! offers a wide range of WordPress support services to optimize sites. The Mighty Mo! can improve user experience, optimize search engines, or incorporate specialized features to maximize lead conversion. Features of Mighty Mo! WordPress support includes:

  • At The Mighty Mo!, they offer SEO code optimization service­s to improve their clients’ website­ performance in search e­ngine rankings. 
  • They understand the­ importance of staying current and aligned with e­volving needs, which is why they provide­ unlimited minor updates for their clients. 
  • Their team is dedicated to delive­ring quick turnarounds, ensuring that client reque­sts and updates are addresse­d promptly. 
  • Finally, all backups and updates pe­rformed by The Mighty Mo! are thoroughly validate­d to maintain the integrity of your WordPress we­bsite.

3. WP Buffs

WordPress Support Service

Our third suggestion for 24/7 WordPress support and management is WP Buffs. The WP Buffs crew will check your site 1,440 times daily. Moreover, if your WordPress site goes offline, it will act within 60 seconds. They can optimize your site and make sure every page and post passes Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. WP Buffs offers white-label for freelancers and agencies. This lets you brand WordPress maintenance and management for clients.

But what does it provide? Let’s have a look below:

  • Speed optimization promises page loads within two seconds. 
  • Unlimited website edits WP Buffs Amazon S3 real-time external backups. 
  • Weekly theme, plugin, and core updates 24/7 emergency monitoring.
  • Browser and mobile optimization 
  • WP Smush Pro, WP Rocket, and iThemes Security Pro premium plugins are free. 

WP Buffs is made for you if… You run a small firm or start-up. Each WP Buffs plan covers one website. This makes WP Buffs ideal for corporate or small-multisite maintenance. WP Buffs’ white-label service is excellent for design businesses, marketing organizations, and freelancers requiring background technical support.

4. Maintainn

WordPress Support Service

Maintainn’s skilled team contributes to WordPress core and is engaged in the WordPress community. This company also works with Sucuri Security to identify site risks. Maintainn strives to discover and resolve security issues promptly. Their Professional and Enterprise plans include Hacked Website Repair in case your site is hacked.

Key offerings from Maintainn include:

  • Wee­kly Updates: They ke­ep your WordPress core, the­mes, and plugins up to date. This helps safe­guard your website against vulnerabilitie­s and ensures optimal performance­.
  • Weekly Service­ Reports: Receive regular service­ reports that provide transparency and insight into the­ maintenance activities pe­rformed on your website.
  • Offsite Backups: They take the­ safety of your website se­riously by conducting offsite backups of your database and file syste­m. This helps safeguard your valuable data.
  • Uptime­ Monitoring: With continuous uptime monitoring, ensure­ that your website remains acce­ssible to visitors without interruptions.
  • Performance­ Checks: Their team conducts performance­ assessments to identify and addre­ss potential bottlenecks. This e­nsures that your website loads quickly and e­fficiently for a seamless use­r experience­.

5. SiteCare 

WordPress Support Service

SiteCare is a reliable WordPress maintenance solution for your website. Their carefully designed packages include several crucial services, setting them distinct in website administration. Website owners benefit from WP SiteCare’s holistic upgrade, security, and backup approach. Here’s what WP SiteCare offers: 

1. Website Uptime Monitoring: WP SiteCare keeps your website online without interruptions. Uptime monitoring ensures your online presence is stable and available. 

2. Backup Solutions: WP SiteCare offers daily cloud backups, hourly backups, and real-time backups. Your data is protected by their WordPress multisite and WooCommerce services. 

3. Strong Security: With brute force protection, anti-spam software, and a CloudProxy firewall, WP SiteCare protects your website. Together, these security procedures protect your site from attackers. 

4. Malware and Hack Removal: WP SiteCare removes malware and hacks after security breaches. They quickly fix your website’s security. 

5. Optimizing Performance: WP SiteCare knows website speed and performance matter. They optimize site performance, including implementing a global CDN to provide information quickly. 

6. SEO Enhancements: WP SiteCare goes beyond the fundamentals with on-page SEO. Besides being secure and speedy, your site is optimized for search engine rankings. 

7. Accessibility Testing: Web accessibility is essential for website maintenance. Web accessibility testing by WP SiteCare ensures that your site is accessible to people with disabilities and meets accessibility standards. 

6. GoDaddy WordPress Premium Support

WordPress Support Service 5

GoDaddy, the most prominent domain registrar and web hosting firm, was founded in 1997. GoDaddy has relentlessly pursued WordPress for five years. They frequently attend WordPress WordCamp conferences and promote their plugins and themes on 

They bought WP Curve, a significant WordPress support provider, in 2016 to get a head start. GoDaddy WordPress Premium Support is their WordPress support service. Support only; plugin and theme upgrades are not included. GoDaddy may modify themes, manage databases, optimize images, redirect URLs, and more. Before starting any task, they’ll back up your website to restore it.

Credit can be used for GoDaddy support. Every work you assign them costs one credit, regardless of duration. If a problem involves numerous tasks, you’ll need to authorize credit usage. It’s hard to say whether a problem is one or two chores, but you can ask them. 

Higher-priced GoDaddy monthly support plans include more credits and a lower effective rate. Not all credits are carried over to the next month. One credit costs $49.99, three credits $79.99, five credits $99.99, and ten credits $149.99.

7. Valet

WordPress Support Service 6

Online, Valet is a trusted WordPress maintenance and support firm. Mason James and Kimberly Lipari founded WP Valet in 2011 in the US, rebranding as Valet in 2016. Milan Ivanovic, a WordPress veteran who organized many WordCamp Europe conferences, works remotely for them. Valet upkeep costs $69/month. 

This subscription includes incremental offsite daily website backups for 30 days, CloudFlare CDN deployment, and WordPress core, plugin, and theme updates. Valet manually updates plugins and themes, unlike cron tasks. 

Instead of other WordPress support companies, the company recommends their basic plan for websites with less than 10,000 visitors a month, their professional plan for 100,000, and their elite plan for 500,000. The $300 base package provides two hours of monthly help. Professional plans cost $750 per month and include five hours of support. They propose this plan for eCommerce and subscription sites. 

Their most expensive elite plan provides ten hours of monthly support and was aimed at organizations that required marketing, and IT help but didn’t want to hire more people. Additional consulting costs $175 monthly, and website assessments cost $1,400. 

8. WP Tech Support

WordPress Support Service 7

WordPress maintenance and support provider WP Tech Support operates in the UK, USA, Philippines, and India. They support customers 24/7 via their secure customer panel due to their global locations. WordPress updates, security scans, offsite backups, speed improvements, and support are available. 

The available plans cost $55, $75, $99, and £175 each month for six months. All plans include weekly reports, daily security scans, and weekly WordPress plugin and core updates. The regular subscription includes one emergency patch, weekly website backups, and 24/7 ticket help. 

The $75-a-month pro package includes unlimited emergency repairs. This package covers WordPress theme updates, malware removal, and 60 minutes of monthly website improvement help. The advanced plan, at $175 a month, includes 120 minutes of website improvement, an SSL certificate, SEO, and performance optimization. 

This plan targets eCommerce, membership, and LMS websites. One-time performance tuneups or site optimization costs $275, and custom development costs $40 per hour.

9. FixRunner

WordPress Support Service 8

FixRunner is a reliable and flexible partner with various WordPress options for all your website needs. FixRunner’s comprehensive website administration services and customized packages for specific site management components set it apart. FixRunner can boost speed, fight malware, or provide branded WordPress maintenance. FixRunner offers a wide range of services:

1. Backups and Restore: FixRunner prioritizes website data security. They preserve and recover your sensitive data using reliable backup and restore alternatives.

2. Page performance Optimization: User experience and search engine rankings depend on website performance. Page speed optimization by FixRunner speeds up site loading and keeps visitors engaged.

3. Real-Time Threat Protection: FixRunner protects against real-time internet dangers. Their proactive strategy protects your site and visitors from hackers.

4. Malware Removal: FixRunner quickly removes malware and restores your site’s integrity. Their virus removal skill minimizes website downtime and secures it.

5. Comment Moderation: Online professionalism requires effective comment moderation. FixRunner moderates comments to help you manage UGC and build a positive online community.

6. Uptime Monitoring: Website uptime is essential. FixRunner monitors uptime to keep your site available to your audience and minimize disruptions.

7. Multichannel help: FixRunner prioritizes communication and offers live chat, ticket, and phone help. This guarantees help when you need it.

8. Bi-Weekly Reports: Website management requires transparency. FixRunner provides bi-weekly reporting on-site maintenance to keep you informed and in control.


In conclusion, WordPress support services save website owners by keeping their platforms secure, up-to-date, and optimized. Each WordPress support company has strengths and specialties, from Infyways Solutions’ devotion to The Mighty Mo!’s comprehensive offerings. 

Choosing the proper WordPress support and maintenance provider is vital in this ever-changing digital market. Website owners can focus on growth and success with these top solutions.

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