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How to fix WordPress and IE compatibility issues?

Internet Explorer is a graphical web browser owned by Microsoft and is provided free along with Microsoft Operating systems. WordPress is free and open-source software that can be easily used to create and maintain a blog on a browser. A lot of people in the cyber world still prefer using Internet Explorer over other browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc. Recently people have been experiencing some compatibility issues with WordPress while using Internet Explorer-like some users complain that Internet Explorer does not display the margins of the blog correctly. So here is how to fix WordPress and IE compatibility issues.

The first thing to be checked is the version of Internet Explorer. One must always have the latest version of Internet Explorer in his/her PC to fix those issues.
To solve the margin display issue of WordPress, In your stylesheet go to Body. Set the margin as 0. This should solve the problem for Internet Explorers version 7 and above.
If you are not able to view flash content in your blog like Youtube videos, etc., Please download the latest version of adobe flash player. This should fix the issues regarding your videos not being played in your browser.

How to fix the issue?

If you are using an older version of WordPress and Internet Explorer 9, then to adjust the compatibility settings,

  • Log into WordPress
  • Hit the ‘Alt’ button.  This will bring up a new menu at the top of your browser. Click on “Tools” ->Compatibility View”, This will make your browser compatible with older versions of WordPress. This is a handy tool.
  • To ensure better compatibility, ensure that you have upgraded your WordPress to the latest version. Sometimes, a lot of problems are caused by outdated versions of WordPress being used; one must always stick to the newest version of WordPress as it fixes many bugs as well as ensures better user experience.
  • Then you have several WordPress plugins for Internet explorer to improve your experience like “IE Enhancer and Modernizer Surf Experience”. Such plugins are convenient as they can enhance your experience of using WordPress with Internet Explorer. They can be downloaded through any WordPress plugin section.
  • The TwentyTen Five theme for WordPress is similar to the old TwentyTen theme, but the difference lies in the use of HTML5 elements being used in TwentyTen Five theme. So if you have an HTML version issue, you can switch. You don’t need to think about Internet Explorer as the theme makes use of Modernizr.js to make sure that all new elements render correctly in the browser before version 9. It’s cross-browser compatible up to version-6.

You may consider improving the speed of your internet because sometimes all the elements of the page are not loaded if the connection is slow which in turn can cause an incomplete page to be loaded and can hang your system as well.

I hope these solutions resolve the issue of your WordPress being incompatible with Internet Explorer, which is still trusted by millions across the globe.

If you are facing compatibility issues with Internet Explorer? Contact us now! Our experts can help you the fix issues.