How to add favicon in Joomla?

Favicon is a small image displayed in browser tabs and in the address bar. They are usually 16px x 16px image files with .ico extension. Adding favicons to Joomla websites adds credibility and trust among viewers. For website promotion and branding purposes add favicon in Joomla.

How to Create a Favicon

Before you add favicon in Joomla, you need to create it correctly with proper dimensions. It is because, favicons are icon files (.ico) and not normal image files (.jpg, .png, .gif, bitmap etc). Below are the steps to make a favicon for your Joomla website.

  • Create a 16 x 16px image file in Photoshop or any photo editing tool of your choice.
  • Convert the image file to .ico extension using a free online tool. You can use this.
  • After converting the image, upload it to your Joomla template directory, using FTP or from admin panel.

You can also add an existing favicon in your Joomla website. Check for free icons here. Make sure to download the .ico format only.

How to Add Favicon in Joomla

  • Using FTP open the directory: Root >> templates >> your_template
  • Copy the .ico file to the root directory
  • Remove Internet history and clear cache
  • Open the website and press refresh

You can also add favicon in Joomla using the following method:

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="Your_domain_name/templates/your_template/favicon_name.ico" />

By using any of these methods, your website favicon should start appearing. In case you are unable to add favicon in Joomla, then request a quote today. Our Joomla error and bug fixing team will be in touch with you.