Top 12 WordPress Website Management Tools for 2023

WordPress Website Management Tools

Let’s explore the definition of WordPress Website Management Tools before moving on to the finest of the best. These tools make it easier to monitor, maintain, and manage several WordPress websites. 

WordPress site management tools save a lot of time with capabilities like upgrading WordPress core, themes, and plugins, managing security, creating backups, and keeping an eye on site performance. You can lower the possibility of common site problems and simplify website maintenance by automating repetitive operations and providing a central spot to see and administer your websites.

You may search for the best WordPress Website Management Tools by considering a few different ways. Below are a lot of platforms that underwent a rigorous testing process to find out which had the most outstanding functionality, the best value, and the most accessible user interfaces. Let’s examine our list of the top nine WordPress site administration tools in light of this.

1. MainWP

WordPress Website Management Tools

With appropriate cause, MainWP is our pinnacle desire for the most excellent WordPress web page management tool. Numerous loose services are to be had, including Jetpack, scheduled backups, an uptime meter, Sucuri protection scanning, and a domain vulnerability checker. You can import and export websites conveniently, manipulate customers, and replace plugins and issues readily with MainWP.

Crucial factors of MainWP encompass Password-free one-click access to all websites, protection scans, import/export websites, fitness tests, and bulk updates.

Pros: It could be time-consuming to control protection and enhancements for numerous WordPress websites. On this thing, MainWP is a significant time saver.

Cons: You would like to see a characteristic that makes it viable to create staging areas quickly. While I have never observed the appropriate solution, everything else is sincerely capable.

With many capabilities and possibilities, MainWP is a top-notch alternative for everyone seeking out the best WordPress web page management tool available. Satisfactory function? While most of these tools are free, a premium plan with 32 extensions is available for $29 monthly. MainWP, the top option on our list for all WordPress users, has a fantastic feature set and an easy-to-use interface that makes it ideal for managing large or small websites.

The price is $29 per month.

2. ManageWP

WordPress Website Management Tools

ManageWP is the following device on our listing of the pinnacle WordPress website online administration equipment and for suitable purposes: It’s a fantastic alternative for clients in a tight price range, as it has the most unfastened features of any product on our list. You may add a limitless variety of websites, manipulate plugin and topic updates, take advantage of a weekly cloud backup, and get the right of entry to your admin dashboard with simply one click when you use ManageWP’s unfastened edition. Additionally, you may be capable of casting off junk mail comments and publishing adjustments if you want to keep your internet site running efficiently. 

ManageWP’s key features include team and customer verbal exchange, one-click admin entry, and endless website control. One-click on (pro) can backup, clone, pass, or even use preservation mode for websites.

Pros: Safe updates using the Premium Backups function, performance and security audits, and reports

Cons: More specific notifications are possible.

ManageWP is a superb option if you’re trying to find a loose website online administration software to manage your websites. There are specific regulations, and even though the fundamental capabilities are unfastened, if you want all the bells and whistles, you will likely want to buy their all-in-one package deal. Regretfully, that incurs a giant month-to-month value of $50. However, given that you can preserve a watch on as many websites as you’d like, the cost is sufficiently warranted 

Pricing: Free, with monthly add-ons starting at $25

3. GoDaddy Pro

WordPress Website Management Tools

The following web page administration tool we will discuss is GoDaddy Pro, a valuable and fee-unfastened desire for anybody searching for an easy way to deal with numerous websites. The ManageWP interface, which gives smooth plugin management, WordPress middle updates, publish revisions, unsolicited mail comment moderation, uptime tracking, and much more, corresponds to GoDaddy Pro. Regardless of where they may be hosted, you may upload as many websites as you like with GoDaddy Pro. 

Bulk WordPress and plugin updates, link monitoring, automatic backups, overall performance assessments, analytics reporting, and automatic backups are some of GoDaddy Pro’s key features—installing website tags to categorize websites.

Pros: It is used for domain name registration, hosting, and website building.

Cons: It’s frustrating to receive constant phone calls, and the prices might be better.

The great GoDaddy Pro may not be the best preference for those seeking widespread patron control solutions because of its free cost, especially if their clients aren’t GoDaddy-only users.

Pricing: Free


WordPress Website Management Tools

Our next entry, WPMU DEV, provides the site administration feature for an infinite number of WordPress websites. In contrast to other platforms on our list, eWPMU DEV employs specialized plugins for every site speed improvement. These plugins, which are meant to assist with security, efficiency, backups, image optimization, and uptime monitoring, are installed on each site via the dashboard. 

Automated updates, a broken link checker, an uptime monitor, client billing, and team member additions are some of WPMU DEV’s key features.

Pros: With a great feature set that includes everything needed to manage website upkeep for a customer, it’s simple and easy to use.

Cons: You need to check whether WPMU has a YouTube channel or tutorial outlining their recommendations for each piece of software.

Why choose WPMU DEV? The offerings, pricing points, and support have all been outstanding!

WPMU DEV is such a wonderful blessing if you want to manipulate your websites using plugins that provide you with updates, image optimization, and other features. However, if you’ll, as a substitute, not overburden your website with additional plugins, you might want to investigate ManageWP or MainWP as conceivable options.

 Pricing: $7.50 every month.

5. WP Remote

WordPress Website Management Tools

Another extraordinary website for online management solutions that lets you administer numerous websites with a single click is WP Remote. Based on BlogVault, WP Remote offers free speed enhancements, uptime tracking, team and client communication, plugins, subjects, and WordPress center enhancements. The pastime log (pro), one-click on backups and restorations, daily automated safety scans, one-click staging websites, and safe improvements for WordPress middle, issues, and plugins are some of the primary capabilities of WP remote.

Pros: You can rest clean at night knowing that safety, backup, and upgrades are looked after with WordPress Remote. You also save me a ton of time, which I will use to serve my clients better. A robust recommendation comes from this.

Cons: If the analytics tool, together with Fathom, might be incorporated in preference to GA, it’d be tons better. In particular, considering that WP remote addresses privacy and GDPR considerably (and it has nothing to do with Google Analytics!).

The remote WP Remote goes no further than WP Remote to discover an efficient manner to deal with protection risks on numerous websites. With its enormous security feature set that includes brute force attack prevention and malware detection and elimination, this practical utility ensures your websites are secure and at ease. With premium plans beginning at just $29 per month for a five-site license, the rate is less costly. 

Pricing: $29 in step with the month.

6. CMS Commander

WP Management tool

CMS Commander‘s intuitive design makes it a standout website management answer. Inside a streamlined interface, customers can, without problems, upload and manipulate WordPress user bills, control updates, and even execute one-click automatic backups and restorations.

Not only that, However CMS Commander goes above and beyond by offering more excellent capabilities that are superior to the ones of most of the people of different site management gear on our list. These functions consist of bulk import of content material, bulk publish-modifying, bulk installation of plugins, and the capacity to duplicate web page settings and practice them on different websites. 

CMS Commander’s number one features are bulk plugin installation, bulk publishing, and one-click on updates. Switch configurations among websites, arrange user profiles, automate recovery and backup, and launch new WordPress websites quickly.

Pros: simple setup, minimal learning curve for the GPS device, etc., excellent free trial period; participants are advised to check them out by registering first.

Cons: Other than using the website builder, there is not always a way to upload pictures. Insufficient customer service

CMS Commander is a tremendous choice if you want superior functions beyond traditional website management equipment. With an intuitive dashboard and all tools accessible on an unmarried screen, you’ll have clean access to everything you need. Their starter plan is low-priced, offering ten websites for just $12 monthly. But when you have many websites, CMS Commander offers better-tiered plans to accommodate your needs. 

Pricing: $12 in line with the month.

7. InfiniteWP

WordPress Website Management Tools 5

InfiniteWP is the following WordPress website administration tool we advise. It differs from the preceding merchandise on our list in that it no longer has a free tier. Regardless of this, the variety of super features it provides makes it nevertheless profitable to take into consideration.

Aside from the typical website administration capabilities like virus detection, updates, and one-click admin get-right of entry, InfiniteWP provides loads more. With the most straightforward click, you can backup and repair websites, manipulate and migrate WordPress sites, and keep an eye on the uptime of your website. Moreover, it affords a wealth of purchaser-reporting talents that you may utilize to tell your customers about the success of their website. 

One-click on the website to get admission to, backup and restore, WordPress set-up, migration and staging, uptime tracking, and malware scanning are some of InfiniteWP’s essential functions.

Pros: WordPress management panels are pretty beneficial. I still use InfiniteWP around ten years later; it was one of my finest buys ever.

Cons: Compared to WpmuDev, adding a site is not as simple. Furthermore, I am concerned about unattended changes because the site cannot automatically compare before-and-after views.

While you may register for free on InfititeWP, to use its features, you must create a premium account. The beginner plan is more suitable for those with a small number of sites to oversee since it allows you to monitor up to 10 sites for $147 a year. Additionally, if you’re a Mac user who prefers to utilize its native browser, you might want to consider choosing another, like MainWP, owing to its glitchiness on Safari. 

Pricing: $147 annually.

8. WP Umbrella

WordPress Website Management Tools 6

Our next pick on the list, WP Umbrella, takes a different tack regarding how you pay for its services. Instead of paying a set fee for a specific number of sites, you may pay for each site thanks to its modular pricing structure. With its easy-to-use interface, you can get uptime and performance data, see PHP issues, update WordPress core, themes, and plugins, schedule backups, and even make maintenance report templates to share with clients to let them know how healthy your site is. 

White Label functionality, uptime, and performance monitoring, scheduled maintenance reports, bulk WordPress core, theme, and plugin updates, and automated backups are some of WP Umbrella’s key features.

Pros: Listing and labeling websites are made simple with the help of the user-friendly interface of InfiniteWP, which helps us keep all of our sites organized! Their site is easy to use and navigate, thanks to its straightforward design.

Cons: Compared to other site maintenance systems, InfiniteWP’s features are a little more limited. Performing updates via their interface may be challenging if the upgrade involves updating a plugin or a bulk update with many change logs to review.

WP Umbrella is Best For other programs on the list. WPUmbrella costs per site, so those with a few websites will benefit from its pricing structure. Additionally, WP Umbrella is a necessity if you enjoy the thought of designing personalized customer reports that showcase your business. 

Cost: $1.99 a month for each site.

9. iThemes Sync

iThemes Sync rounds up our list of the top WordPress website management solutions. Numerous abilities for dealing with numerous websites are available with this all-in-one application, which includes one-click updates for WordPress core, plugins, and topics, overall performance and uptime tracking, and far-flung backup advent with BackupBuddy integration. Because iThemes Sync integrates with the iThemes security plugin, you could also use sturdy security capabilities. The tool also includes an SEO checker that works in unison with Yoast search engine optimization to offer you immediate feedback on your readability and SEO rankings. 

One-click WordPress updates, personalized client dashboards, far-flung WordPress backups, subject matter and plugin managers, Yoast integration, and uptime tracking are some of iThemes Sync’s essential functions.

PROS: Compatible with many websites and networks for malware detection and file monitoring, Reasonable prices, A dashboard interface that is simple to use and offers a multitude of security settings and choices

Cons: You might still need to update the access file to implement some features manually, and it doesn’t always work correctly with certain web hosting companies.

For those interested in growing custom WordPress dashboards or starting a WordPress renovation enterprise, iThemes Sync is well worth trying out. With a loose 30-day trial, you’ll have enough time to check its functions. Even though it may not be the most financially pleasing choice, it offers first-rate gear for managing clients that can help justify the cost. 

Pricing: $69, consistent with the year, for five websites.

10. Operating System (MOS) for SeoSamba Marketing

WordPress Website Management Tools 7

The Marketing Operating System, or MOS, from SeoSamba is an all-inclusive cloud marketing platform perfect for small and large firms with several locations. Several high-performing tools are included in your SeoSamba Marketing Operating System to assist in creating a strong, no-nonsense online presence. Access SEO tools, email marketing tools, social media marketing tools (including a mobile app), VoIP phone systems and call monitoring tools, text messaging, and Google and Facebook review management tools.

Pros: This device is impressive; it’s incredibly user-friendly, highly efficient, and produces results. 

Cons: Managing might be challenging at times.

Pricing: $99 per month

11. 1&1 IONOS

WordPress Website Management Tools 8

Create a WordPress website and manage it with IONOS. It’s feature-perfect, lightning-fast, and straightforward. Install your static sites on georedundant, DDoS-protected hosting from GitHub without worrying about build or bandwidth limitations. It is compatible with static site generators and your preferred frameworks. Get early access and launch your first three projects for free! Do you need a business website? You don’t need to know how to code to create the ideal website with our user-friendly website builder. 

Pros: IONOS provides inexpensive web hosting plans with valuable features for small businesses, such as professional email integration, unlimited storage in most plans, and a free website domain for a year. 

Cons: The website transfer is paid for, and customer assistance isn’t as good as other rivals.

Pricing: $0.50 per month

12. Templ

WordPress Website Management Tools 9

WordPress-managed hosting is based on Google Cloud. Utilize every option that a managed hosting company has to offer. All capabilities, including Google Cloud CDN, are available in all plans at Templ. Additionally, Templ provides limitless free migrations and free performance tuning by hand.

Pros: It’s a fantastic and reasonably priced platform for WordPress website hosting. You also get free Google CDN help and support with it. It includes features for rapid server backup, VPN, and private SSL. The Google Cloud Platform serves as the foundation for the overall system.

Cons: All things considered, this site hosting platform is excellent.

Starting Price: $29/month


To sum up, WordPress website control solutions are essential for effectively handling many websites, considering they provide several blessings, which include centralized management, time savings, and better security. With so many picks, it’s important to remember every device in light of your specific requirements, preferences, and monetary constraints to pick out the best suit for your web page administration wishes.

You can choose the suitable solution for your necessities by investigating the top WordPress internet site management gear of 2023, contrasting their traits, and listening to the recommendations in this blog piece. Now, rework how you keep your WordPress websites to ensure high quality, viable efficiency, safety, and overall performance.

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