Guide to choose the best WordPress Theme for your website

Are you wondering how to pick the best WordPress themes of 2023 for your website?

There are literally thousands of WordPress themes out there – both paid and free versions! And picking a good WordPress theme can make or break the entire look of your site. Choose a good one and your website will look absolutely delightful and be compatible with all devices! Pick an erroneous theme and, well, your site won’t be so propitious. 

The theme is the backbone of every WordPress Site. In a WP site, the theme plays the most important role – not just in how the website looks, but also how effectively it performs, loads, and functions. WordPress has an endless number of themes, all catering to different types of websites and different markets.

So picking a theme in 2023 means it should unconditionally complement the contents of your site and make it run smoother, faster, and rhythmic. For example, if you are posting a social or political blog on your site, then you must go for a theme that boosts the readability of your pages.

Why Choosing Right WordPress Theme Is So Crucial?

Today, WordPress is the most popular and comprehensive Content Management System for web developers, bloggers, designers, and businesses.

And when it comes to developing a WordPress website, the theme plays the most crucial role here.

From making your website look eye-catching to boosting website usability and functionality, rightly chosen WordPress themes can make your site more resourceful and operational.

Talking about the importance of a good WordPress theme – if you are not yet aware of it, here are some points to note down:

  • WordPress theme provides Multiple Website Usability to developers
  • It enhances the functionality, speed, and page loading of the site.
  • It provides faster loading effects to your users.
  • A new and wisely chosen theme keeps your site up-to-date always.
  • You can have error-free experiences while developing websites on WordPress.
  • The Latest WordPress themes hold the treasure of specifications and features for tech-savvy developers.
  • It provides comprehensive and easy multi-browser supports and compatibility.
  • A good theme always optimizes your webpages for search engines and social media platforms.

Most Important Traits Of WordPress Themes For 2023 Websites

In terms of features, specifications, and functions; WordPress themes are categorized into two varieties, i.e. Niche-Based and Multipurpose! While a niche-based theme is dedicated to specific industries, like a specially designed restaurant theme for the website of your eateries; a multipurpose theme is extremely flexible for all kinds of different websites.

However, regardless of their types and categories; the best WordPress themes should have some must-have features and traits. If you are looking for a good theme for your WordPress website; then make sure to check the essential features beforehand.

  • Responsive Designs: The theme design you’re picking must be responsive to every mobile browser and must be retina-ready. It will make your site look eye-catching on all devices with different screen sizes and browsers.
  • Speed, Functionality & Performances: Speed, functionalities, and performances of your website completely depend on the theme you choose. So make sure to pick a theme with super-fast page loading and elevated user experience
  • Page Builder Compatibility: The theme must be compatible with all the essential and popular drag and drop page builders of WordPress. It will help you creating your own, custom landing pages whenever you need it.
  • SEO Optimization: Websites in 2020 are all about SEO-friendliness. The WP theme must come pre-loaded with all advanced SEO practices so that your site can achieve higher ranks in search results of leading search engines.
  • Social Media Friendly: The WordPress Theme must have secure integration with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, and Pinterest. It will increase the reach of your website and sharing content will also be easier.
  • Plugins Compatibility: Plugins are essential to enhance the functionality of a WordPress theme. Alongside pre-loaded plugins, WP theme must be further customizable to meet specific and varying needs of the site.
  • Upgrade & Support: Themes with support and auto-upgrade are two of the most seeming no-brainer features which can work as the backbone of developing and maintaining a WordPress site. These features make the theme useful in the long-run.

Dos & Don’ts Of WordPress Theme Selection


  • Do make a list of your anticipated theme features in advance
  • Do research about your niche market and targeted customers before choosing a website theme
  • Do explore similar kind of themes that suit your niche market
  • Do invest in good design, loaded with advanced features
  • Do choose themes with customized plugins and responsive designs
  • Do choose a theme that works out-of-the-box for your targeted market
  • Do focus on adding SEO < your title> tags in the theme
  • Do add some interesting options in your ‘404 error pages’ to allure users
  • Do make sure your theme folder to have all basic files
  • Do utilize template tags for the betterment of the site


  • Don’t Pick A Overstuffed Theme, cluttered with unwanted features
  • Don’t skimp on credentials of the theme
  • Don’t hard code occupied URL’s into the themes
  • Don’t forget to check the navigation drop-down codes while picking the theme
  • Don’t choose a theme with Wasteful Google Fonts and Widgets
  • Don’t go for a theme with compromised or slackened web security features
  • Don’t pick a theme where users have to rely on multiple plugins simultaneously
  • Don’t overlook RSS Integration of the theme
  • Don’t overlook the simplicity of the theme designs and colors
  • Don’t release a WordPress theme on a website without a panel option


The variety of themes available for WordPress website development is endless and thus, it can be a little overwhelming to pick the best one. These days, WP Themes seem to be just everywhere you roll your eyes. However, focusing on some essential features can help you make the best choice. While responsive design should be your top priority for WordPress theme selection, analyzing other features closely will help you get a comprehensive and niche-friendly package for your site.

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