How To Speed Up WordPress Website?

A WordPress blogger’s absolute delight lies in the heavy traffic he manages to capture on his blog. When you as a blogger see a lot of likes and, views you know your blog is working. But, this same traffic could be the reason for your WordPress going slow. The problem also could be inefficient coding being present on the site because of which the blog runs slow. The bottom line is that a slow blog is definitely not a good sign and, it is time to get it running fast. There are a few simple pointers which if followed would give you a good running site along the line.

Upgrade with Releases

The WordPress site keeps upgrading itself with the latest versions. You, as a blogger, should be aware of the latest running version of WordPress and, update your PC or laptop with the same. Chances are that the older versions have coding that does not run fast anymore. The capabilities of the older version would be different and, they would be upgraded in the newer versions. So, keep improving your WordPress version with the new release to keep your blog running fast. Of course, WordPress plugins also keep releasing their latest versions. Make sure you are updated with those versions too.

Check for Unused Plugins

Unused plugins can also be a cause for your blog running slow. Every plugin has a lot of script and code associated with it. When these plugins go unused, the script and code can overload your blog. This could cause your blog to run slow. It is very necessary to keep a check on the plugins being used. If you feel some plugins are of no use to you, make sure you remove them. It would help you fasten your blog a bit.

The Code Cleaning

Issues that need to be resolved within the code could help fasten your blog. Some bloggers have a habit of using a lot of space while coding their blogs. If you are one of them, check for these spaces and reduce them. They could be a significant reason for slowing your blog. Do not fill in your header with a lot of code. Get some in the body text too so that your blog runs just about perfect. Shorthand CSS is another way of getting the code a bit concise and, making the blog faster. Codes should be checked for in case you feel the blog is running way too slow.

Minimize the Queries

The PHP queries would also slow your blog a bit. For example, if a reader loads your blog and, there is a PHP query that is being resolved in the midway, the loading would take some time. It is better to avoid or lessen the questions while loading your blog. It would help you in a lot of ways.

Whenever you feel your blog is running slow, check on to these pointers for an answer.

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