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Joomla vs. WordPress

With the passage of time, we have been witnessing a surge in the number of non technical crowd stepping into to establish their own websites, in some cases to mark their online presence but elsewhere to expand their horizons, especially regarding professional display of their skills, requirements  and efficiency. Such a large crowd with little or no technical background manages to pull it off with something called a CMS or Content Managing System, that looks after the contents, ranging from images, sounds, themes to documents, feedback from the viewer, plugins, code details and a score of other essentials. Adding to this, the two giants of CMS that are currently in power and have established their presence quite firmly over the network, WordPress and Joomla, are open source i.e. they are free of cost to anyone who wishes to utilize their services. Both of them being quite popular have, for some time being debated upon as to which of them is more superior and this is what we are going to present in this article. So let us have a comparison of Joomla vs. WordPress.

Millions of people have this urge to have an online identity, a website that talks just about them, a blog to share their experiences and a forum where they can lend and borrow suggestions regarding different issues. A person standing by Google’s support is more likely to opt for WordPress CMS that has more popularity with 17.4% of online users as compared to 2.8% of Joomla, whereas Joomla boasts of more than 6 versions of itself and on the contrary WordPress speaks of just three. Speaking of market presence, WordPress id way over the top with 55.1% market shares given it 394 million readership per month as compared to just 8.8% of that of Joomla. Surely the analysts must have done their homework correct as we will see later how WordPress dominates Joomla.

Coming down to technical stats for nerds, we have Joomla advisable for bigger and complex sites, plus capable of managing giant intranet. On the other hand, WordPress is always better for beginners in blogging, while providing free hosting facilities it offers hosting account with domain registration. Widgets in WordPress is modules to Joomla but both differ extensively with more than 12000 plugins available in WordPress as compared to 6000+ of Joomla, which presents a vast gap but, this is reduced to some extent by the versatile and flexible design and development of Joomla which when put against content orientation style of WordPress, is better. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a high level feature that broadcasts your blog or website over the entire web and comes in close collaboration with both WordPress and Joomla. Joomla SEO is still in need of more configuration while needing specific architecture it also needs components to provide quality SEO. WordPress, on the other side has a ready to use SEO that deploys the instant you activate your blog with an easy control over the URL structure and much less configuration so a free blogger prefers WordPress any day.

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