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Joomla Browser Compatibility fixes

With an array of web browsers available, it has somewhat improved the experience of the web users, with their own set of features. On the contrary, it has made the life of a web designer pathetic because cross browser compatibility has proved to be a major concern.
Each of the browsers have their own group of loyal users, so while developing a Joomla website, browser compatibility has to be kept in mind. Internet Explorer specifically has poised the maximum CSS issues as compared to others, but because of its strong base in corporate houses, IE CSS issues cannot be overlooked.
Here are few of the frequent issues faced by Joomla clients using various web browsers:

IE CSS Issues

  • Misalignment of popup menu buttons
  • Label Tags have unwanted padding
  •  Horizontal menu bar appears vertical
  • Div boxes displaying overflowing/repeated images
  • Spaces between items in a li/ul menu, on hovering
  • Standard nested Divs don’t work properly
  •  Incomplete implementation of Box model
  • Style inheritance within tables
  • Tiled background issue in IE
  • NavBar stays expanded

Chrome CSS Issues

  • Improper positioning and alignment of flags
  • Borders don’t appear in clickable images
  • Misalignment of header and the text contents
  • Improper rendering of unordered list
  • #maincol-nav gets shifted in Chrome

Firefox Issues

  • Firefox padding or margin issues
  •  Proper positioning of main div only after refreshing
  • Inability to display lists properly
  • Centering a layout
  • Staircase effect
  • Double margin on floated elements

Although, complete cross browser compatibility is a tough ask and can hardly be achieved, yet zero or minimal CSS issues can be guaranteed, across major web browsers. If you are unable to fix an existing issue in your Joomla website, we would like to offer you our expertise support in this matter. Request a quote to fix it.

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