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Joomla Hosting Problems And How to Overcome Them

Joomla Hosting Problem

Joomla Hosting ProblemJoomla content management system is a reliable and convenient CMS for developing and designing websites. A number of Joomla run websites are successfully created and launched. But while hosting, there may be some Joomla hosting problems. So how to detect and sort out these Joomla hosting problems is the primary concern. What to do when Joomla website works perfectly in local host, but faces problem when uploaded online?

There may be any of the following Joomla hosting problems,

  • A Joomla hosting problem may exist in the configuration.php file in the root directory.
  • There may be an error in the database name. It may be pointing to an old database.

How to Solve Joomla hosting problem?

Check the following code

var $dbtype = ‘mysql’;

var $host = ‘localhost’;

var $user = ‘root’;

var $db = ‘wccms_db’;

var $dbprefix = ‘jos_’;

  • Enter the valid hosting details as provided by the hosting company.
  • Joomla may be configured with the old database name. Rename it using PhpMyAdmin.
  • Instead of renaming you can change the database link in the configuration.php file as well.

These methods can be used to solve Joomla hosting problems. But if you are still facing problems then request a quote. Our Joomla Upgrade and Joomla site transfer team will assist you in the process.

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