How to show Heureka Reviews on your website?

If you are searching to implement or export the heureka reviews into your website then the first thing which is required is the XML file. The XML file provides information such as


The above XML needs to be parsed to show the reviews.

We can get the path for the XML file from the Heureka website. The XML file path looks like this


Recently we have developed a Custom Joomla module for one of our clients. The module has a feature to show the Heureka Badge as well as the latest reviews, ratings and other information. These information are pulled directly from the XML file in real time. 

Joomla Module Parameters

The client wanted to have the option to add his XML URL, Minimum height of each testimonial and the badge. We have provided the options in the module backend.

Other features like data, time, individual ratings for transport quality, recommendation, website usability, communication and other options can also be added as per the requirements.

heuraka joomla implementation

The same features can also be implemented for any CMS like WordPress, Magento , OpenCart or custom PHP development.

This is how it looks like

The testimonials styles can be changed with all color and font options. As per the customer request the number of testimonials can be changed and sliding feature can also be implemented to it.

heureka testmonials
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