How to remove toxic low quality backlinks?

Remove Toxic Backlinks

Toxic backlinks or the unwanted and low-quality backlinks that affect the ranking of the website. According to Google whenever you find toxic backlink you should reach the owner of the website and ask to remove them immediately.

If you aren’t able to reach the owner of the website, you can try the alternative disavow tool which I will be explaining in this article.

Toxic backlinks are one of the main causes of falling of your website rank on search engines. Some SEO companies follow black hat techniques to please the clients and show them a sudden boost in rank but in the long run, these techniques are very harmful. You may see instant results but Google will penalize or exclude the site from the search engine.

Steps to know if Toxic Backlinks has affected your website?

  • Google Webmaster tool warning related to toxic backlinks
  • Sudden fall in the ranking of the website or organic traffic. This happens as the site gets penalized.
  • Check the site on Semrush, Ahref or SEOMoz to get a list of toxic backlinks.

Steps to Remove Toxic Backlinks

Once you get to know the toxic or unwanted links, the next step is to list all the links and remove them. The links can be removed by the following ways:

  • Contact the owner of the website: Get the contact details of the website and ask them to remove the backlinks manually. Most of them will consider and remove it immediately. If they don’t, then we have another option.
  • Disavow the toxic links: In the Google webmaster tools, there is an option called Disavow Links. This will ask google not to take them into account when assessing your website. But this isn’t enough or guarantees you that you will recover from the penalization. You still have to make efforts to remove all the unnatural links pointing to your website.

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