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Good design matters. It’s essential for every business, especially when it goes online. It one of the first points the potential clients pay attention to. The design has the power of attracting them and drawing away. Everything depends on its quality. Follow this post to get the must-have items that will empower your designs, make them memorable and visually attractive to the viewers.

This post contains a variety of deals that will help you create eye-candy products. All items are high-quality and each one you can get under $5. As usual, it’s a price of a good cup of coffee or a burger, but here you get much more for this sum

Inside the package you’ll find:

  • patterns
  • textures
  • backgrounds
  • photos
  • fonts
  • icons
  • logos

A good deal, isn’t it? Most of them go under both personal and commercial licenses, so you’ll be able to use them in all types of projects.

Using these items, you’ll create a design that speaks on your behalf, the one which is all about professionalism, proficiency, and your passion for work. The design is the first indicator of a good experience. Create a solid one, and it will do a lot for your business.

To find more tools and graphics for your great designs, visit MasterBundles with the ultimate collection of design products. Tutorials, tips on how to use all this stuff along with inspirations posts you’ll find the daily MasterBundles blog.

Deals under $5 are waiting for you, check out all of them.

Marble Digital Paper


Textures play an important role in forming the visual approach of the site. If you need a catchy one, grab this pack with stunning marble textures and turn whatever graphic projects into visually effective. All items feature high quality 300 dpi and 3600×3600 px resolution.

Luxury Rose, Gold, Bronze Textures


If the target audience for your designs is the females, then try these elegant textures. Bronze, shine, in rose gold tones they will add a romantic feel to your designs. The whole pack goes for $4.

Feather Watercolor Birds


Add watercolor magic to your works with this pack of 65 light multicolored feathers. These lovely items will nicely decorate both online and offline products. Whether you design an invitation card or a t-shirt, these feathers will bring a magic into them.

Rose Flowers, Gold Textures


Stylish textures in feminine style will turn any type of project into an eye-candy one. They perfectly suite women blogs, wedding designs, children-related websites, etc. Floral motifs and elegant touch will complement to your works. The price is also quite pleasant – $4.

Roses Watercolor Flowers


Floral graphics is one more current trend that is widely used in designs today. If you want to keep pace with the times, hurry up to download this bundle with inspiring botanical illustrations. 32 files with graceful irises will be a good addition to your designer’s box. And you can get them at no price – $2.

Geometric Letters and Logo Designs   


What a design without awesome fonts? The properly chosen fonts enhance the readability of your texts, guide the readers along with them and communicate the main idea. They also underline your business style and make the designs look complete and attractive. Choose geometric letters from this bundle and get cool logos as a bonus. Being crafted with the attention to details, they will perfectly suit your business needs. All of them are easily customizable, and you’ll not spend hours on a work with them. The whole bundle costs $5. For sure!

87 Handmade Acrylics


Here is a present for art lovers. If your project lacks effectiveness and a creative touch, just grab one of these colored acrylic items and add to it. Be sure, it will add a colorful touch to your designs. You can choose among 87 items. Each one features a transparent background and goes as a .png file. How much does it cost? Absolutely nothing – $4.  

100 Material Backgrounds


Looking for a catchy background for your next project? Visit the page with this pack and choose the one you need to add a professional look to your projects. Actually, the background plays an important role as they are the largest on the site or any other design. Of course, it’s not the first point the visitors see when they enter a site, but background sets the overall tone and adds to the main branding idea. Are you ready to hear the price? Close your eyes and listen – $5 dollars.

Typography Bundle


Typography matters. When you choose a certain type, you should remember that it underlines the style of your work, supports its trendy look. Of course, it’s wise to choose both stylish and readable fonts, ‘cause the main idea of any font is presenting a text. The more accurate it looks, the more comfortable it is to read. If you download it today, the price is the shocking – $0. It means %100 discount for this bundle. Don’t hesitate, and grab this pack.  

Social and Internet Marketing Icons


Need professionally and beautifully crafted symbols for your design projects? Get a set of catchy icons designed in popular today flat style and flat colors. Being minimal in their form, they will nicely fit any type of your projects. All these internet marketing and social icons are simple, modern and friendly. If you want to enhance the readability and clarity of your site, feel free to use these items. If you haven’t noticed yet, their price is $1 today. It’s really a hot deal.

Over to You

Hope you liked this roundup and found something useful for you. A variety of items gave you no choice, but to find the one you need among them. Bold, trendy, professionally crafted, that is done to add a consistent look to your design, put the necessary accents, and underline its main idea. Feel free to choose them to bring additional visual weight to your works, whatever they are: personal or business, banners, flyers, cards, invitations, photos, websites, ads, etc.

Master Bundles is a repository of beautiful products. Don’t hesitate to visit the other categories to find the materials for your stunning designs.

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