Benefits of Joomla Migration

Its high time to upgrade you old versions of Joomla 3 to Joomla 4.x.

The support for Joomla 3.10.x ends on 17th August 2023. This means that Joomla will stop providing support and updates for 3.x.

So, does that mean my Joomla 3.x stop working? The answer is NO!

Your Joomla 3 website will work as it is working but you won’t receive any security or feature upgrades. Joomla community and its developer will now focus more on the new versions of Joomla 4 and Joomla 5.

So, lets check discuss about the benefits of Joomla Migration and the new features that Joomla 4 offers to us.

Why Migrate?

As I said above that Joomla 3 won’t stop working even if you don’t get support and updates. But here are some of the reasons you should consider to migrate.

It’s faster, smarter, and easier to use.

  • Easy-to-Use Interface: The backend or the adminstrator of the site is much easy to use as compared to J3. The backend comes with a Guided Tours that can help you learn things faster.
  • Better Codebase: Joomla 4’s code is modern and sharp. It’s a step up from Joomla 3. Adding new features? Now it’s simpler.
  • Streamlined Media Manager: Manage photos and media without fuss. Drag, drop, and organize. It’s that simple.
media manager joomla
  • Fast Performance: Your site will load quickly. That’s good for users.
  • Tougher Security: Joomla 4 is like a fortress. It’s built to fend off threats. Hackers? They’ll have a harder time breaking in.
  • Mobile Friendly: More people these days use mobile to browse. J4 is responsive and easily accessible using mobile phones.
  • Migration is not just a shift, but a leap! Its about growth, transformation and evolution! It’s about making your site better in every way.
  • Pro Tip : Always backup the website before attempting to upgrade. A simple mistake can land you in difficulty. Use Akeeba for Joomla to take backup.

So, Now How to migrate?

Now that you have learnt the benefits of Joomla migration, it time to upgrade Joomla 3 to Joomla 4.

Before diving into the sleek world of Joomla 4, there’s groundwork to be done. It’s like checking the depth before a dive.

pre check joomla update screen 1

Pre-Check: Compatibility is Key

You’ve got components, plugins, and modules working in harmony on your current setup. But will they play nice with Joomla 4? Here’s how to ensure a smooth transition:

  • List Everything: Jot down all the components, plugins, and modules you’re using. Know your tools.
  • Check for Updates: Visit the official Joomla Extensions Directory. See if there are updates available for your listed items.
  • Compatibility Check: This is crucial. Ensure each item is Joomla 4-ready. If it’s not, you might face glitches post-migration.
  • Upgrade PHP Version: Although Joomla 4 works on PHP 7.4 but I will recommend you to upgrade php version of the server to PHP 8.2
  • Seek Alternatives: Found a component that’s not compatible? Time to hunt for an alternative that offers similar features and is Joomla 4-friendly.
  • Backup, Backup, Backup: Before making any changes, backup your site. It’s your safety net.

Remember, preparation is half the battle won. Ensure compatibility, and your transition to Joomla 4 will be smooth sailing.

But what if the pre-checkup fails?

Here’s a guide from my hands-on experience with a vast number of Joomla websites:

  • Pre-Check Hiccups? : If your initial compatibility check doesn’t go as planned, don’t hit the panic button just yet.
  • Disable the Troublemakers: Turn off those plugins and components that aren’t playing nice. They can be revisited after the upgrade.
  • Modules? They’re Trustworthy: Having upgraded 500+ Joomla sites, one thing’s clear: modules are reliable. They’ve consistently shown no conflicts during the upgrade process.
  • Proceed with Confidence: With potential roadblocks out of the way, confidently move forward with your Joomla 4 upgrade.

While upgrades might seem difficult, a bit of prep and my past experience help you with a smooth journey.

In Conclusion

As per the official Joomla website which says “Migration is like moving to a new house or a remodel” . Which means you get a lot of new features, new functionalities, designs, navigation and what not.

In the process of upgrading you might face few challenges, but those are worth it.

In case you face any issues during the upgrade you can contact us. Our Joomla Developers can help you with the upgrade process.

Happy upgrading!

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Abhilash Sahoo

Abhilash Sahoo

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