Web Development

We provide Web Development services at affordable prices.We prefer to work on open source technologies as they are readily available to general public.Open Source technologies involve a large number of developers who help in finding and eliminating bugs from the code. LAMP technologies are one of the best technologies to work with.LAMP (Linux, Apache , MySQL and PHP) is an ideal platform for web development.May it be a small scale website or large,LAMP stands the best among other technologies in the market.

Our developers are expert in these technologies.We even use AJAX and jQuery in the website which make the user interface more beautiful,user friendly and adds interesting functionality to the website.Integrating our best creative web design service and web development,we create amazing Web 2.0 websites with fantastic look ‘n’ feel with functionality.

Now a days web security is one of the major aspects of web development.A lot of website get hacked every day.the main reason for this is poor sub-standard coding.So we,at Infyways write codes which make the website secured and difficult to Hack. Before we deliver the websites to our clients,we conduct a secure code testing with professional security applications to check for bugs and fix it.

Our Web Development Services includes :

  • E-commerce website design and development
  • Social Networking Websites
  • Travel/News portals
  • Custom Website Design and Developemt
  • Websites for School and Colleges