Where to Look for the Best Wedding Website Template?

The organization of a wedding event is a rewarding and interesting industry. There’re so many different aspects to it that you can choose as your niche, however, one thing is sure: you’re going to need a website. Right now everyone is on the Internet, in one way or another. Setting up a social media account (Facebook, Instagram etc) is a nice thought but it doesn’t invalidate the importance of a website in and of itself. Consider it to be a resume for your work and you’ll see why it’s so crucial to make it the best that you can. Luckily, there’re a lot of tools out there that can be helpful.

Novi is one of these weapons to use if you’re in a search for an uncomplicated and efficient website builder. It’s basically a membership that allows you access to the thousands of website templates that suit a wide range of professional needs. The number of template options will inevitably increase over time so that you can get the most actual and up-to-date material to work with.

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Besides, they’re fitted with a drag-and-drop design to turn creating a website into a smooth and exciting process. You can make it as customized and adjusted as you need it to be and it still won’t require a lot of time and efforts. All of the HTML-pages provide with a set of plugins, which are such a valuable asset and play a big part in how long a potential customer stays on the website. It means that you can go for video and carousel of images to present your product or services, appeal to the visitors with a help of social media links and make it easy for them to find you with a location tag on the Google map.

All of the named above comes with a clear guide on how to make the most out of it and regular free updates. The price changes depending on the plan you choose. There’re three of them and they cater to different claims, the Startup and Advanced offer annual type of membership ($29 and $49 correspondingly). If you’re confident that Novi is exactly what you need, you can reap its benefits forever with a one-time $149 payment.

In case you’re unsure and want to try out something similar but have to keep the focus on one variant at a time, the wedding website templates that come individually are worth checking out. Here’re a few to take a look at and see if they’re the right fit.

1. Amour

Wedding Multipage HTML Template

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This is perfect for people, who’re dreaming of a career that’s oriented at the wedding arrangement. Whether you’re a single entrepreneur or a wedding agency owner, the template will come in handy. It even comes in a whole package; apart from the website builder, you get beautiful photos and effects. They allow skipping time, wasted on the hour-long searches but instead focus on the main things. For example, making sure that a website will look equally impressive on all kinds of devices. The website will get noticed due to the special design, which was developed by competent SEO experts.

2. Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation - Couple Event & Celebration Website Template

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Creating wedding invitations is another activity to engage in if you aspire to grant people with joy. The template is light and dreamy; you couldn’t picture anything more appropriate for the occasion. It’s also sleek and exquisite so that there’s nothing to distract from the main attraction. There’re especially relevant design components such as a countdown for the upcoming event and possibility of booking via the website to guarantee the gain of clients. The items that come in a package are variable so that a number of options are offered, depending on the desired end vision.

3. Olimp

Jewelry Multipage HTML Template

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And who can imagine a wedding without jewelry? The hard thing is creating a website that is striking but in an elegant and superb way. Furthermore, it should look trustworthy and make the potential customers feel like precious accessories will suit their lifestyle. When it comes to the website itself, a simple layout does just this. The template also enables you to use a stylized image that displays a few items at once and place the delicate looking icons to guide the customers. Finally, it works for the smartphone as well as for PCs, which allows aiming for the bigger target group.

4. Flower Boutique

Flower Boutique Multipage HTML5 Template

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If the flowers are an old passion of yours, then this template may become a start of something fascinating. It’s ideal for those, who value a charming mix of simplicity and refined style. There’s no overwhelming feeling, yet, all of the required information is presented. The bouquet samples, list of services and header that surprises with a seemingly effortless alternation of nice images. The blog provides with extra information, which can be an incredibly useful tool to attract people, who get drown to the insider tips and tricks.

5. Aerial

Aerial - Wedding Photography Website Template

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Nowadays the wedding photographers are better to remember about a strong competition that’s definitely out there. The great website is a deciding factor in a professional development that establishes your social media presence, thus, you have to choose wisely. The Aerial template won’t let you down, its responsive interface secures that the site visitors will be always satisfied with their user experience. The broad variety of fonts is a big advantage too.

6. Brides

Wedding Magazine Multipurpose HTML Theme

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Wedding magazine is a perfect meeting point for those, who are into journalism and weddings altogether. However, it requires a really solid and highly customizable template because in this case, a website isn’t simply a presentation of your product, it’s the product in itself. This one does the job, it keeps a web-page visually appealing while nailing down the effortless and comprehendible navigation of a content.

In the end, the most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a website builder is your particular needs; it all comes down to what you imagine being the ideal outcome. The basic criteria are pretty much always the same but you need to know what would make you stand out and how to achieve this practically. Knowing this, the best free wedding websites will turn into a powerhouse in your hands.

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