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OpenCart vs Magento- Best eComerce CMS Comparision

opencart-vs-magentoWith a number of eCommerce CMS, it is difficult to choose a better one among the lot. Each of them offers unique features. So selecting the best content management system among the lot isn’t easy. This post deals with two such CMS, OpenCart vs Magento.

OpenCart vs Magento

  • Admin Control: Although OpenCart’s admin panel seems to be simple as compared to Magento’s, yet, it has limited features. Initially, Magento admin panel may appear to be overwhelming with all its features, but it helps while creating a fully functional shopping portal.
  • Advanced Features: OpenCart lacks advanced features like self-hosting, embedding widgets, multi-site setup etc. But Magento offers all these features. It even has its own self-hosting service called Magento Go. It can be used to create your own stores. All advanced Magento features are documented in details.
  • Themes: In OpenCart vs Magento comparison, themes availability is worth mentioning. Magento has a larger online community that offers a wide range of associated products, including themes. Apart from the Magento developer’s tools, it has a good support community too, to provide assistance in solving all Magento related topics. OpenCart still has to catch up with Magento, in this aspect.
  • SEO Tools: Magento is equipped with stronger search engine optimized tools. Individual product pages and sub pages can be optimized incase of OpenCart, but the process is not as smooth as in case of Magento. Magento offers inbuilt SEO tools for Meta description, Meta tags and keywords etc.
  • Check-Out: The check-out process in OpenCart depends on JavaScript. Because, of its heavy dependence, it loses out as compared to Magento. So, as far as OpenCart vs Magento check-out is concerned, Magento is the preferred choice.

From a web developer’s perspective OpenCart is easy to use. But if you are looking for a complete shopping portal for your online business, then among OpenCart vs Magento, Magento is a clear winner.

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