Just like any other content management system, Joomla CMS also offers features to change the template of the website. Simply by changing the Joomla template, the entire look and feel of the website can be altered within minutes. While swapping between a number of templates is easy, but when it comes to Joomla template installation, many users face difficulty. This difficulty is primarily because of the technical issues that arise while installing the Joomla templates. So, in order to avoid those, it is recommended to seek professional help for Joomla template installation.

We at Infyways understand the technical problems faced by Joomla users and therefore, make an effort to reach out to them through our exclusive Joomla template installation guide. It includes features like install Joomla template for different versions, custom Joomla template installation, to name a few.

Joomla template installation features

Here is a list of Joomla template installation features, which we offer.

  • Joomla 3.x template installation
  • Joomla custom template installation and modification
  • Installation includes templates and extensions

Joomla Template Installation services

Infyways has been offering quality Joomla template installation services for a number of years now. It has a rich client base all across the globe. The main reasons contributing towards the success of our Joomla template installation services are highlighted below:

  • Timely service and fast turnaround time
  • Focus on 100% client satisfaction
  • State of the art support and maintenance services
  • Free Joomla template installation on purchase of our templates
  • Secure, safe and error-free installation
  • Rich documentation and Joomla template installation guides

So, if you think your Joomla run website needs an image makeover or want to install a fresh Joomla template for your new site, then ask for a quote immediately. Our team of experts will love to assist you in installing a Joomla template.

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