Off Page Search Engine Optimization

Search engine Optimization has almost become a synonym for Internet. It has become an integral part of every website. Just like one needs a web browser to see a website, the same way a website needs to be seen by search engines. With the introduction of SEO techniques way back in mid 90s, the term has been popularized all over. But because of the continuous amends being made to the web crawlers, the exact definition of SEO is debatable. SEO techniques have evolved a lot from key-word stuffing to organic SEO, on-site, off-site SEO, Red-hats, and White-hats. But be assured SEO techniques are there to stay, no matter what. With that in mind we would like to introduce you to the world of SEO with our time tested instant SEO packages.

Off Site SEO
Web Developers like Infyways does not only focus on the website’s aesthetic look, instead we stress on building search engine friendly websites. On site SEO techniques are followed rigorously, to help our clients hit the front pages of search engines right from the onset. But, sadly, in a competitive web based business world, on-site optimizations alone is not sufficient. Websites have to be updated periodically and evolved to stay in the SEO race. For this purpose we offer SEO services at affordable cost. Know more about our Instant SEO Packages.

SEO Techniques

Forum Posting

Online discussion boards are a great means to interact and share topics with friends. Posting or replying a query in an established forum not only brings traffic to your website but also increase visibility of website in search engines.

Social Bookmarking

Engage in proper tagging of posts in bookmarking sites. Search engines visit these sites and bring traffic. Popular bookmarking sites include Delicious, Digg and StumbleUpon.

Directory Submission

Even though directory submission yields delayed result and is almost outdated, yet we believe directories can play a role in decreasing the website’s rank. You don’t have to spam each and every directory for this purpose. Only a handful quality directory is enough.

Article Submission

Nothing scores like article submission, when it comes to instant SEO techniques. Submitting original and relevant articles in high PR rank sites can boost the website’s rank easily and in quick time.

Search engine Submission

To be listed on various search engines, submitting the websites is a wise approach. Search engine submissions in Google, Bing, Yahoo and Alexa allow the website to be seen by various search engines.

Classified Submission 

If yours is an e-commerce website and want to promote your website alongwith the products, then classifieds are the best way to do so. Classified submission on sites like Vivastreet and MySpace is beneficial from business and SEO point of view.

Press Release Submission

Press releases can also be tried out by business or service providers. Aim for submitting press releases in quality sites, to be best benefitted. Press release submission in high page ranks sites will help your website to be published in Google news effortlessly.Link Submission: Link submissions in sites help search engines to crawl the website quickly. Cautiously link to other websites as well, but beware of red-hats. Try link baiting and cross linking too. But keep it to a minimum and avoid linking to spam websites.

Social Media Promotion

The popularity of social network sites can be best used to drive some traffic to your website. Setting up accounts help potent customers and admirers reach you easily. Plus, by means of photo sharing and video sharing, cost effective promotion of the website can be done.

Online Interaction

With the advent of smartphones and tablets, majority of the people are connected across the Internet. By engaging in online interaction will certainly be marked by the people and be beneficial for the website as well. Blogging, commenting on others posts, replying to one’s comment, creating forums on social media are some off-site SEO techniques that are being followed these days.

A word of Caution for you, remember just like on-site SEO, employing off-site SEO techniques seems easy than achieved. Without proper means of implementing, it may take days to achieve desired goals. To get rid of this overwhelming yet vital job of keeping the site optimized, you may hire a professional who would look into all the needs of your website.

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