Joomla Extension Customization

Joomla is an easy to use and popular Content Management System. It uses three different extensions as its backbone to enhance the features. The extensions are termed as Plugin, Component and Module. The extensions uses MVC ( Model-View-Controller) pattern. Joomla default installation has few basic extensions and other extensions which enhances the feature of default installation can be found at Joomla Extension Directory. If you are looking for some different functionalities other than the basic extensions then you have to go for Joomla Extension Customization Services.

Joomla Extension Customization Services

You can choose the following extension customization services. The services includes :

  1. Modification of  Existing Extensions.
  2. Upgrade lower version of Joomla Extensions to latest.
  3. Fix issues with extension after upgrading to higher version

Joomla Module Customization

Joomla Extension CustomizationModules are the extensions which can be published in the available Joomla template positions. Moreover the modules can help in enhancing the features of a Joomla website to a great extent. If you are looking for Joomla module development services then  your search ends here.

Joomla Plugin Customization

Joomla Plugin are of two types;  content plugin and  system plugin which helps in beautifying and add functionalities to a Joomla website. Modules works in positions and in case of content plugins it works on the pages of a Joomla website. However, Content and System plugins have different functionalities.

If you are looking for Plugin customization then you have to send us the complete requirements so that we can suggest you the best one to choose. Content Plugin works inside Joomla Articles and Custom HTML modules where as System Plugin can work anywhere inside the Joomla website.

 Joomla Component Customization

Joomla Components are the most complex form of extensions and hence difficult to customize and modify as it uses Model-View-Controller or MVC pattern. Although Joomla component customization is difficult but the potential of the website can be improved greatly.

Extension Development Features

  • Clean and Documented
  • Abides to GNU/GPL guidelines
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Uses latest Joomla functions
  • No use of Vulnerability and deprecated functions
  • Use of Joomla framework

If you are looking for the best Joomla Extension Customization services then you are at the right place. We have been developing extensions for Joomla since 8 years and our Joomla experts can fulfill any of your requirements.

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