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How to fix Firefox and WordPress display problem?

WordPress is free and open source software that can be easily used to create and maintain a blog. On the other hand, Mozilla Firefox is a free non-profit web browser which is used by millions of internet freaks and web surfers across the globe. In the recent times, some problems have been encountered in the display while using WordPress along with Mozilla Firefox. Here we try to give you the list of some problems which we encountered and how to fix Firefox and WordPress display problem.
Display problems could be of several types like dashboard not visible, WordPress websites not loading, display errors, images not being visible or corrupted images, font not recognizable in the screen, background image not visible, flash embedded content not being loaded etc.
To solve any of the above issues, the first thing which one should realize is that corrupted pages may be loaded due to corrupted cache. So, to clear the cache Go to Firefox -> History -> Clear recent history or go to Tools -> Clear recent history. Then, Time range to clear->everything. Now, click the arrow next to Details to toggle the Details list active. From the details list, check Cache and Cookies and uncheck everything else. Now click the Clear now button. Restart the browser and check if your problem is now solved. If the problem still persists, please check your “ad-ons” installed. Lots of problems are caused by using ad-ons like “better privacy” which can be solved by disabling them. Problems suddenly popping up are usually caused by any new firefox installation like ad-ons or toolbars which you might have done which is incompatible with your system.

If you are not able to view flash content in your blog like Youtube videos, etc . Please download adobe flash player. This should fix the issues regarding videos are not played.
Next, you should check if you are violating and terms and conditions and service of wordpress as they might have suspended your blog. Blogs which are intended to drive traffic to an external site, like “Click here to win 100$” etc, are subject to suspension. If that has happened with you, you can click on the link given in the dashboard to talk to the customer support staff as they will guide you through the process of getting your blog back online and please make sure that you do not use any type of content that may be accepted.
If all the above fails to solve your problem, you can consider one solution which has the maximum probability of solving the issue, I.e. reinstalling the browser by uninstalling and downloading
Sometimes in the wordpress, there is an issue with the social media buttons like twitter, facebook, etc.

To solve this, open public/css/wp-socializer-buttons-css.css

Add the following line after the line no 31 CODE: SELECT ALL width: auto !important;

I hope that the solutions above should be enough for you to solve your wordpress issues.