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5 Reasons To Integrate Your Web design With SEO

SEO is one of the most important factors for every modern online business. But many business owners don’t realize that SEO needs to be integrated into the web designing to drive better results. Most people choose for SEO integration for their website in the later stage. And by that time, their rivals have already emanated so long.

As a businessman, it’s easy to see the profits soon after you invest. You know about the margins and ROI. But when it comes to SEO-rich web design, often people find it difficult to understand why it’s important. Here, we’ve provided a complete guide on how a website can affect your SEO campaigns in the long run.

Highlighting Interrelation Between Website Design & SEO

SEO is the core component of any digital marketing campaign. But unfortunately, many fail to realize why SEO has to be integrated into the web design process from the very first stage – not later. Your website is the core or centre of your digital marketing and advertising arena. It is the place where all your digital channels and campaigns run. And the biggest sources for websites traffic are search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. As per statistics; 3.5 billion searches are made on Google every day. By not having SEO-friendly websites; you can forgo all those business opportunities.

In the initial stage; your website may appear shiny, but without proper SEO scopes; it may fail to cook the marketing smarts on time. Without SEO-friendly site; you’ll be running the advertising and marketing race with a wooden leg. Your website represents virtually your brand. It holds complete ability to determine how potential customers will react to your services. So, with a website, not optimized for search engines; you can miss out all the SEO and digital advertising scopes. You need to secure a top page on search result pages, to maximize your investments on a website.

Lots of codes matter to Google; while determining SEO-friendly websites. But, we’ll be focusing on the major updates and vital codes that can boost your site’s SEO ranking.

Title Tag

‘Title Tag’ is what shows up in the top bar of the browser for your website. Title tag signals to the search engine what the webpage is all about. So make sure to create a memorable title tag that describes your page content. 55 characters seem to the best length for creating a Title Tag.

Heading Tags (H1, H2, H3)

Heading tag is another crucial web factor for SEO. You can use these tags to give your readers a glimpse of what the page or post is all about. Make sure to add eye-catching heading tags to each section of the content. These tags work as an indicator of the specific paragraph.

Meta Description

Meta descriptions affect website rankings within the SERPs and the click-through rates. Proper Meta tags and Meta keywords can drive searchers to click to the website. 150 characters should be the average number for a Meta description. Add suitable Meta keywords to drive searchers. Google will use these descriptions in search engine listings.

UX Design For SEO

UX design matters the most for SEO-optimized websites. With best UX designs; Google provides the best listings possible to your website in the SERPs. UX designs and well-written contents can be the magic stick for your site. Increased time on site, reduced bounce rate, and backlinks can improve your site’s organic rankings in the SERPs.

Mobile Responsiveness

A website’s mobile-friendliness and responsiveness play the most crucial role for organic rankings in the SERPs. Google has updated algorithms for website responsiveness. It delivers searchers to only those sites which are mobile-optimized in the mobile SERPs. So, you need to develop a mobile-optimized site for better SEO ranking.

Powerful CMS

How much control do you have on your website’s CMS? It matters a lot while optimizing websites for search engines. Instead of static HTML designs; go for powerful WordPress. It gives you better control and more features. Content, images, videos, and calls to action – everything will be much easier to manage on WP.

How Website Design Affects SEO Results?

Are you confused about how website design can affect your SEO success or results?
The benefits of having an SEO-friendly website design are intangible. It plays the most vital role in online business success. Let’s explore the reasons and perks that prove how important SEO-optimized websites for your business success.

It Keeps Attracting Visitors!

Do you have an eCommerce site? Or, you are a professional blogger with a content-rich site? Doesn’t matter! Website traffic can only be driven by good SEO rankings. SEO-friendly web design helps your site to rank higher in search engines. It means you’re more visible to your potential customers.

It Ensures Faster Page Loading Speed!

Every second matter in SEO web design. Only 2 seconds delay can cause you around 12% loss of searchers. A properly optimized website ensures least page loading speed and better user experience. With optimal page loading speed; you can hook to the traffic that you entice.

It Drives More Organic Traffic

More than half sales for online business come from search engines through their website. So making it more visible to Search engines can drive more organic traffic. It lets you target your potential customers and the market. It increases quality traffic by making you more visible to organic search results.

It Ensures Seamless Customer Experience!

Proper SEO web design offers seamless experiences to every searcher. Every millimetre of the site seems to be consistent on every browser and device. It ensures better user-friendliness and smooth navigation to visitors. Good web design seamlessly guides visitors through your contents, features, and pages.

It Sets Out Improved Social Sharing!

SEO-friendly web design is built to ease social sharing. It targets the most dominant online demographic– mobile users through enhanced social media pages. SEO-friendly web design includes responsive features, appealing style elements, images, and contents for social profiles. Better exposure and a bigger audience mean more traffic and engagement.

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