Joomla Registration Form Validation not Working

Joomla run websites can be made user interactive by a number of ways. Its easy to integrate new features and functionalities can be made to improve user experience. You can include comment section, social share buttons, forms to capture emails, user feed data and more. But the prime motive behind all form submission is Joomla registration form validation.

It is because just by capturing unnecessary information about users will serve no purpose. Plus if you are developing a website that requires user registration or has a payment gateway, then Joomla registration form validation is a must.

Joomla Registration Form Validation Errors Faced

For capturing validated data, there are a number of ways in Joomla. But still, there may be times when you find validation errors. Some of the common Joomla registration form validation errors are listed below.

  • On registration, users get redirected to another form
  • Registration form takes null data for mandatory fields
  • No type checking in the registration form. Eg. Invalid email id
  • The registration form does not submit input data
  • The input of the previous user displayed publicly in the registration form

Possible Solutions for Joomla Registration Form Validation

  • Replace core validation.js with a newer version
  • Fix PHP or jQuery error in the registration Joomla component
  • Upgrade Joomla version
  • Uninstall components one by one and check for any conflicts

These are some of the basic Joomla registration form validation solutions. In case you are unable to detect and/or solve the validation errors then, request a quote today. You can either ask for a custom extension or hire one of our Joomla developers to sort out the problem for you.