How to Upload Images in Your Joomla Articles?

As joomla2.5 is an able CMS and ships well with all necessary inbuilt tools which gives a dynamic look to your webpage as it also includes a media manger which allows you to upload as well as to organize your image that you’ve been uploaded and can easily inserted while working with your article with the help of using media manger. This article will guide you how to Upload Images in Your Joomla Articles.

Steps to Upload Images in Joomla Articles:

After knowing the basic knowledge of creating articles and its categories, now we’ll show you how to add an image to your article. The complete steps have been followed below:-

  1. Log into your administration blog of Joomla 2.5 dashboard
  2. Open an article for edit or you can create a new article
  3. Next  select an image and place your cursor where you want your image to be placed in your WYSIWYG editor, and the click the image button
  4. Then click on Browse, under the upload files heading  and select  your image that is to be uploaded ,then click the start upload button
  5. After the image has been uploaded, you will see the listed image browser in it. Click on image to select it, type in an image title and Image Description and then click on top right insert button
  6. Now the image has been added to your article, then next save the article by clicking on Save in top menu and then view your article.

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