How to remove Joomla extension?

An extension is something that extends the base functionality of Joomla. The plugins, modules, and components are all referred to as extensions for Joomla.You may install and test several extensions in Joomla before you find the best one for your website if you’re like most of us. There are several extensions which people use and many which they don’t use. Those extensions that you’ve decided not to use should be uninstalled in order to keep your website organized. This will not only help you to keep your site more organized, but also help you to eliminate any security vulnerabilities your site may have because those files are on your server. So, read through to know how to remove Joomla extension. It is very important to back up your installation before removing anything. Dust off the extension’s documentation and see if there are any nonstandard uninstallation instructions you need to follow while waiting for the backup to finish. Most extensions are uninstalled at Extensions – Extension Manager .However if any messages has been provided by the uninstaller, such as “The folder /images/extension name, it will be left on the system. Such data can be deleted or left alone as appropriate for your situation. You can remove such data manually. Sometimes people also  wish to inspect the database tables, Extensions – Plug-in Manager,  Extensions – Module Manager, but beware of becoming overenthusiastic and breaking something. Below are the various steps for removing joomla extensions.

  1. Login into your Joomla admin page
  2. In the top menu hover over extensions, then select “Extensions” and click on  “Extension Manager” from the dropdown menu
  3. You’ll see different tabs at the top such as Update, Install, Manage, Database, Discover, Warnings. You should ensure that you select “Manage” by clicking it on the left menu  or on the menu below the title “Extension Manager: Manage”
  4. Then you need to select the type of extension you wish to uninstall. You will have the choice between Files, Components, Modules, Languages, Plugins and Templates.
  5. Then find the extension you wish to uninstall and check the checkbox to the left of the extension title.
  6. Finally press “Uninstall” below the title “Extension Manager: Manage”  or in the upper-right corner of the screen or on

You will be prompted with an error message if Joomla can’t uninstall the extension. If this happens, it’s most likely to be caused by the extension. In this situation you will have to try to get support from the developers of the specific extension as extensions are developed by third-party volunteers.
Sometimes people want to remove an extension manually. There will be two types of data to remove i.e. database records and directories and files in Joomla.
Directories and files
I SSH into the server and use find to locate what need to be deleted. If you don’t want to work with the dynamic duo of find and SSH isn’t, then you’ll have to manually poke around with SFTP.
Database records
Here it is required to drop any extension-specific tables in the database. Extensions often have table names prefixed with something allusive to the extension. Some tables may fail to drop the first time. But care should be taken as repeatedly dropping will eventually get rid of them all.
Then edit or remove the rows that reference the extension in Joomla’s tables.