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How to add banners in Joomla page?

A banner is usually an advertisement which is most typically shown in the sidebar of a page or an image at the top of a website, usually shown on every single page. Joomla Banners component is an extension to help you manage the latter option, ads. Read through to know how to add banners in Joomla page. By default Joomla comes with a component for managing banners. It helps you and allows you to add different banners, arrange those banners into categories and display them in different places on your website. With this component you can have a bit of control over creating and managing banners. This inbuilt Joomla extension allows you to:

  • Add and organize banners using clients and categories
  • Control how your banners are displayed based upon many factors such as the clients you configure ,the banner categories you create and even based upon keywords in your articles
  • Easily see how many times your banners are clicked on and viewed.

Creating a new banner is the first thing which you need to do .In order to do this

  • Login to your Joomla admin area in order to do this and go to Components -> Banners -> Banners.
  • Then on the top left part of the page, click on the green new button.
  • Now, you need to fill in some information for the banner you’re adding and its code. For this, choose a name for the banner. Try to give your banner a meaningful and unique name so that you can easily organise them later.
  • Then, select Custom from the Type drop-down. It will allow you to paste the banner code that you’ve obtained from the site you’re advertising.
  • Finally, paste the banner code into the Custom Code field and press the Save & Close button

Next you need to publish a new module to display your newly embedded banner. In order to do this

  • Go to Extensions -> Module Manager.
  • Press the green New button once more in order to add a new module to your site.
  • Joomla will provide you with a list of the available module types that you can choose from. Simply click on the banners type
  • You need to choose a title for the module on this page, and the position where it will be displayed. It is important to know that the available positions and their names depend on the template which you’re using currently. There are different templates having different places where you can add modules.
  • Click the Save button at the top left part of the page once you have chosen position and title for the module.
  • Now you can browse to your website front-end and see your newly created banner.

In order to create a Joomla Banner Client click on Components >> Banners >> Client and then click on New button on the toolbar. Then fill in the required details. All the fields must be filled else Joomla will not allow you to save your records. Make sure that the client name that you enter reflects the banner that you are going to create, because you might have a number of banners after a while and you will always want to associate the correct Banner Client to each ad that you display. 


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