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The True Cost Of Building And Managing A WordPress Website

If you are a casual content writer who runs a website just for fun, you should be absolutely fine with the basic features that WordPress provides you with. But, if you are a serious business owner who feels that WordPress is the way to the future of your business, then you would need a bit more than the usual basic features. The cost of ownership of your WordPress site would increase and, in fact there would be a cost associated with it once you believe it is for serious business. A few in-depth details into what exactly would cost you while owning a site on WordPress and, how much you would need to pay is what is given below for your understanding.

The Ownership Cost in Actuals:                                                   

While you are using the WordPress tool for your business, make sure you do not hint at it as a free software. You should use the model named total cost of ownership analysis to give you an idea of how much would a WordPress site cost you. The first cost would be the purchase price for the add on features. Also, the maintenance of the site would cost you a bit. So, what are the real costs involved in getting a WordPress site? The domain registration cost, the cost of hosting on this site, the cost of acquiring premium themes, the development cost, the cost of security for this portal, the cost of storing on this site and, also availing backup. These costs are all going to hike up the total cost involved in availing a WordPress site. An understanding of the WordPress related strategies would help you understand the costs involved.

Various Ways to Operate on WordPress:

A WordPress site is managed in three different ways:, self-hosted sites, managed WordPress hosting and premium hosting. All these different type of management cost the entire business a certain amount. An understanding of these various kinds of operations would help derive the real cost of hosting a site on

Hosting on

Hosting on is relatively cheaper. If you wish to have your domain on this site, you would need to pay a yearly fee which is pretty nominal. To give you site a professional look, you will have to give it a premium theme which will cost you a little more. The best part of hosting on is that you do not need to worry about security. Also, the basic features would come up free of cost thus reducing your cost. So, it is actually cheap to host on The limitation lies in the themes and the appearances. You will have to choose from the offerings shared by WordPress.

Self-Hosted Sites:

When you go in for Self hosted sites, you would obviously have the freedom to operate but, your server speed would be low. The reason being several sites are loaded to that free offering of self-hosted sites. Also, you will have to choose from the free themes given out to you as an option. This would limit you to a set range of offerings. The security would be less as there are more people and, the hosting is offered to you at a low cost. So, you would be compromising on security.

Managed WordPress Hosting:

In case of Managed WordPress hosting, you are allowed to go in for self-hosting but with a slight difference. You would be actually getting help from experts to manage your online services in areas you know next to nothing about. You will have to pay a hosting fee which is pretty nominal and, also pay for the theme that you would be choosing for your site.

Premium Managed WordPress Hosting:

You get access to Genesis framework as part of the WordPress hosting. You get good security and storage benefits in this plan of WordPress hosting. This is a typical business oriented package that costs you a good dime but, gives you greater advantages against it. The impact on SEO and, other such search engine related activities is greater with this package.

When you are a business, you would need to think of some of these things. This is just a superficial presentation of the various offerings in each package. While purchasing the package make sure you actually see through every detail and, buy one that suits your business the best. A little investment would do wonders for your business.