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10 Techniques To Display Featured Articles In WordPress Blog

Widgets are very popular and useful tools when working with WordPress. If you are a blogger, you would be using a lot of widgets just to give your blog that amazing look. Featured Articles is one such widget that manages to give your blog a professional look. Along the sidebar of your blog, you would notice a scroll bar or, a slide show of your articles. This would allow a reader a peek in your blog and derive the basic thoughts associated with it. There are ways to display this featured articles widget in the WordPress blog so that it gives your blog a nice feel and professional touch.

The Sticky Post Way

A sticky post would be the simplest way to portray a featured article on WordPress. Yes, with the sticky post you can always post the picture or the theme behind that article. It would give an overview of what that article would be all about increasing the curiosity of the. It is the simplest way especially if you are a new blogger on the block.

The Gallery Way

A featured content gallery is another way of deriving the benefits of a featured article display on your blog. This is a plugin which if used would allow your content to flow along the sidebar as a slide show. This plugin creates an automatic sliding gallery and, there are two arrows along with the slides that allow the reader to slide between the various contents.

The D13 Way

While the gallery could post only one article per slide, this D13 slideshow allows a slideshow of close to 10 articles in one go. This is more of an animated slide show that would keep the reader engaged.

The JPost Way

Yet, another plugin that would derive the happiness of displaying a featured article on your WordPress blog is the JPost Slider. With this plugin, your post appears in the JQuery box. The readers would get to see images that blow their mind over with a slight peek into their theme. These images are animated and, a mouse-over would control the animation instantly.

The Featured Articles Way

There is a separate plugin for featured articles in WordPress. This plugin is formed of dot navigation. Instead of clicking on the next and previous buttons, this one would allow you to select the post the reader wishes to view. You can line up your articles with a bit of description in this feature.

Content Slideshow Way

A great slideshow that consists of an image with its description! The featured content slideshow will enable the readers to look into the content and, also enjoy the slideshow enabled feature along with it. The active post gets highlighted after every 5th post.

Slider Way

The right and left arrow keys indicate you can move to the previous or next post. This is a typical plugin which allows you to slide through your featured content. With featured content slider, you can slide through your contents easily.

JQuery Slider

This featured content plugin uses the Jquery tool. It is a typical content slideshow but one that uses JQuery.

The Auto-Playing Way

This plugin allows the content to be displayed automatically. A slick plugin that allows a beautiful image followed by a great description to come over and entice your readers!

Image Content Slider Way

Based on JavaScript, this content slider allows content and image to flow together giving your reader an excellent view of the content.

You can follow any of these features to derive a professional look for your blog based on WordPress.