Top 10 WordPress Job Board Themes In 2023

WordPress job board themes

A job board site needs a good front-end design and a robust backend for dynamic search, job posting, and resume submissions. Developers have long used WordPress for constructing sturdy, user-friendly sites. 

We show the finest WordPress job board themes to help you develop high-quality job and career websites. WordPress powers job listing sites due to its easy-to-use CMS. You may easily add user authentication and submissions. 

You only need an excellent job board theme that meets your job website needs. This article lists the top job board WordPress themes with all the necessary features. In minutes, these themes let you create a professional employment portal like Indeed, CareerBuilder, Monster, or LinkedIn!

1. Astra

WordPress Job Board Themes

Astra, a popular WordPress multipurpose theme, makes a great job board with little effort. Clean and fast, the theme has all the tools and compatibility you need to create a great website. Astra prioritizes speed and flexibility. It works with the WordPress block editor and Spectra and Elementor page builders and is straightforward to install. 

It monetizes your board with WooCommerce, SureCart, and other eCommerce platforms. The design is excellent, with over 240 premade templates. The free version has many. Import a template, open it in your favorite page builder, and tweak it. 

Use the available tools to alter everything on the page. From header to footer, you can brand anything. Every project you make will be speedy, SEO-friendly, and faultless. All templates are responsive and operate on any screen. Most job plugins and WordPress plugins work with Astra. 

2. Careers

WordPress Job Board Themes

Attractive WordPress theme Careers uses parallax scrolling. This theme is excellent for job boards, recruitment services, and other HR websites. Careers’ mobile-friendliness adapts your site to all screen sizes. Its advanced search box lets job seekers filter results by numerous parameters.

Careers show relevant numbers with animated statistics. Candidates, jobs placed, jobs filled, and corporations that trusted your service can be shown. The Testimonial section has a carousel slider. Here, you can display client praise. Other Careers homepage features include Job Listing, Company Logos, Call-to-Action, and more. Pre-designed page templates for various applications are included. These include Job Listing, About, Blog, Services, etc. 

You can list vacancies on the Job Listing page by location, title, income range, and more. Careers provide distinct page layouts for each job submitted to your site. This template has a Job Summary, Description, Responsibilities, and more.

3. Classy Ads

WordPress Job Board Themes

Classy Ads is a vibrant WordPress theme. Job listing and recruitment agency directory websites here are more attractive. Parallax scrolling on the Banner area attracts viewers—an advanced search bar with three filters included with Classy Ads. Options include keywords, places, and categories. Hover effects are also in the Featured Area. 

This section includes six promo boxes. Classy Ads’ Newsletter section uses email marketing to grow your business. Other appealing homepage features include Featured Ads, Trending Today, Testimonials, and more. The Testimonial section has a nice carousel slider. You can tastefully display client testimonials with this functionality. 

Classy Ads offers Ads Listings, Blog, About Us, Contact, and more page templates. Additional social icons can be added to your site. Classy Ads supports Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Your audience can follow you on these sites for vacancy updates.

4. Comports

WordPress Job Board Themes

Job-related WordPress theme Comports is innovative and roomy. This theme attracts job seekers and recruiters with its bright colors. Comports is mobile-responsive, and your website will display correctly on all devices. This SEO-friendly theme also boosts search engine rankings. Job seekers can easily find vacancies on Comports’ sophisticated search bar. 

Candidates can screen jobs by category, location, and keyword. Banners can include Call-to-Action buttons. You can link this button to a critical site page. In its webpage Featured Area, Comports offers three promo boxes. Additionally, Comports’ homepage has a Newsletter section. Collect web visitors’ email addresses to launch an email marketing campaign. 

You get various predefined page templates with this theme. These layouts include Job Category, Job Single, About Us, and more. You get a Pricing Plan page template. Your prospects can choose a membership bundle based on features, price, and other aspects here.

5. ET Job Portal

WordPress Job Board Themes

ET Job Portal is a modern, user-friendly WordPress theme. You can create industry-specific job sites. Some are for accounting, banking, education, finance, etc. This responsive theme optimizes site size for all screen sizes. 

Also, the ET Job Portal has a persistent header. This tool simplifies job portal navigation for your website users. ET Job Portal integrates WooCommerce for online stores. Job-related services can be sold with this eCommerce plugin. 

ET Job Portal has numerous homepage sections. Examples include Search Banner, How it Works, Stats Counter, Testimonies, and Latest News. Your website layout can be customized with four color styles. ET Job Portal allows infinite theme color customization.

6. Job Board 2

WordPress Job Board Themes

Job Board 2, a vibrant WordPress theme, is ideal for HR websites. This theme works for job boards, recruitment firms, etc. Your audience can browse the site on different displays. Job Board 2’s sticky header bar simplifies site navigation. 

Job Board 2 gives all website buttons a hover effect. Also, Job Board 2 features an advanced search bar. Job seekers can filter results by keyword, area, and category. Your viewers can also get keyword suggestions from prior searches. Job Listings on Job Board 2’s webpage enable recruiters to describe vacancies. 

They can list the job title, location, category, and deadline. Employers can describe positions in detail on the Job Detail page. Pre-designed page templates for additional applications are available from Job Board 2. 

7. Jobfinder

WordPress Job Board Themes 7

Jobfinder is a stylish WordPress theme. Job board websites are its primary focus. Jobfinder has the responsiveness to display your site correctly on all devices. Parallax scrolling appears on its homepage’s full-screen Banner. This section has an advanced search bar. Using this property, job seekers can filter results by keywords, geography, and other factors. Jobfinder’s sticky header bar simplifies audience navigation.

Additionally, Jobfinder’s scroll content loading feature speeds up your site. This function loads online content only when it appears on users’ screens. Jobfinder has various online features to showcase your job-related services. 

Its categories include Popular Categories, Recent Jobs, Testimonials, Call-to-Action, Why Choose Us, etc. Jobfinder’s pre-designed page templates help you detail your services. For instance, the Post a Job page layout lets recruiters post vacancies. Other page layouts include Services, Internship, Browse Candidates, and more.

8. JobListing

WordPress Job Board Themes 8

JobListing, a minimalist WordPress theme, allows you to create a tidy job board. The Featured Jobs carousel slider lets job seekers find their desired vacancy details. Banners have advanced search bars. Job searchers can sort by several criteria here. The Featured Job Categories area helps viewers look for jobs by standard categories. 

The JobListing sticky menu bar has two CTA buttons. Visitors can quickly browse your site with this functionality. JobListing brings numerous pre-designed homepage themes. For instance, the cost Plan page layout shows job-related service costs. 

At the same time, the Job Detail page design lets recruiters describe their openings. This page includes Experience Requirements, Job Features, an overview, Education Requirements, etc.

9. Job Portal

WordPress Job Board Themes 9

The basic WordPress theme Job Portal helps you create job-related websites. A responsive theme helps your site render effectively on all screen sizes. Job Portal even speeds up page loading. Job Portal also has SEO options. With this functionality, you may optimize your website for search engine rankings. Job Portal allows one-click demo content import. 

Website components like customizable content blocks are included in the demo. Drag-and-drop page builders let you customize these blocks. Job Portal offers multiple homepage areas. The Banner section’s keyword search field helps job seekers find jobs. Job Portal has Job Openings, Contact Us, a Blog, and more page layouts. 

Google Maps is integrated into the Contact Us page to help customers find you. Your job board logo can be customized. Job Portals allow typographic and color adjustments.

10. JobScout

WordPress Job Board Themes 10

JobScout is a sleek, stylish WordPress theme. Install this theme to create job board websites. This theme loads quickly, improving job seekers’ and recruiters’ experiences. This SEO-friendly theme integrates schema to boost search engine rankings. 

JobScout is mobile-friendly/responsive, so your website works on all devices. JobScout’s WooCommerce support simplifies online store setup. The WP Job Manager plugin works with JobScout. This short-code plugin has an easy admin interface. You can modify, mark, and delete many tasks here. Let recruiters upload jobs from the front end. 

JobScout offers advanced search. Job seekers can search by keyword, job type, region, and category. You receive numerous Job Dashboard, Single Job Listing, and other page layouts. The homepage showcases your job services with Banner, Job Posting, Call-to-Action, Latest Articles, and Testimonials. JobScout allows multilingual site translation. Right-to-left language scripts can be used to develop websites.

11. Job Start

WordPress Job Board Themes 11

Jobstart is a stylish WordPress theme for creating large job board websites. Scroll content loads with this theme. Your site elements will load only when displayed. Jobstart is responsive, so your site works on all devices. This theme’s parallax scrolling effect grabs visitors’ attention. 

The Banner area of Jobstart has an advanced search bar. Job searchers and recruiters profit from this service. Your audience can sort search results by keywords, geography, and category. Newsletters assist in developing your email marketing list. Notably, the Blog Feed helps you share content marketing tools and insights.

Additionally, Jobstart offers other exciting features. Jobstart offers numerous pre-designed page layouts. Customize these templates to show job ads and related services. Page categories include Job Category, Employer Account, Register, Find Candidates, Careers, and more.

12. Jobpply

WordPress Job Board Themes 12

Jobpply is a unique WordPress job board theme. This mobile theme is responsive; visitors can browse your site on any screen. Parallax and animation help you to build a general or industry-specific job listing site. Jobpply lets you customize any of these job boards. Your audience can choose between two possibilities in the Banner’s advanced search bar. Recruiters can click ‘Find a Candidate,’ and job seekers can ‘Find a Job.’ Job seekers and recruiters can search by area, category, and keyword.

Additionally, Jobpply’s Newsletter feature helps you expand your mailing list. This function helps you convert email marketing prospects. Other Jobpply homepage features include Featured Area, Top Categories, Hot Jobs, Stats Counter, etc. The sticky header bar of this theme helps visitors navigate your site. Jobpply has various pre-designed page templates. You receive a Candidates List, About, Blog Feed, Contact, and templates.

13. Skillhunt

WordPress Job Board Themes 13

Skillhunt is a content-heavy WordPress theme for job boards and recruiting agency websites. This theme has stylish homepage sections and vibrant features. The Skillhunt responsiveness renders your site on all screen sizes. The lazy loading feature boosts job site speed. Skillhunt’s Banner shows statistics with animation. 

Company, Active Employee, and other stats are included. The Banner’s search bar enables readers to find jobs and qualified individuals. The ‘Find a Job’ option helps job searchers find openings. Here, customers can filter by keywords, categories, and places. Recruiters can also use the ‘Find a Candidate’ option to find qualified candidates. 

Hover effects appear on Skillhunt buttons and other parts. Featured Areas, Top Categories, and Jobs are examples. Also, the Newsletter component grows your mailing list. Send employment updates to your audience to improve email marketing. The latest Candidates, Testimonials, Our Blogs, and more are Skillhunt features.


A strong online presence is vital for job board websites, and the appropriate WordPress theme may make all the difference. This article covers 2023’s top 13 WordPress job board themes. These themes provide powerful search, responsive layout, and parallax scrolling to make your job board website user-friendly and attractive. 

With WordPress and these themes, you can construct professional employment portals like Indeed, CareerBuilder, Monster, or LinkedIn. These themes give you the tools and aesthetics to make your job board, recruiting agency, or HR website stand out. Use one of these top WordPress themes or create a custom theme to elevate your job board in 2023. Your candidates and recruiters will appreciate it.

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