Why is Magento googled more than e-commerce?

Magento has drawn the attention of many business traders and merchants since the inception with its highly flexible and scalable shopping cart solutions. Magento scores extremely high on usability, searchability, flexibility, ability and extendibility. It is the current leading webshop software in the world which mainly deals with uploading, promoting and marketing unlimited products, among the bundle of eCommerce platforms and more than 1, 50,000 businesses have chosen Magento.It also offers freedom to shop that allows buyers to order and purchase products easily and freely. Magento has become more popular and is googled more than any other eCommerce site. So read through to find out why is Magento googled more than e-commerce.

  • Magento’s founding principles align with retailer’s thinking: Retailers generally  like the idea of owning their own website and doing it as inexpensively as possible
  • Experienced open-source team: The Magento team includes some of the most experienced people, customizing all of the important open source frameworks.  They have better knowledge of  all the challenges and all the  problems with all the major frameworks than any other developers
  • Ecosystem wasn’t an afterthought: One of the things that impress the most about Magento is that, they never took eCommerce simply as they came from a background of complexity. Many people think eCommerce to be very simple but that is not true. Fast-forwarding.X.Commerce is Magento’s idea and they designed to capture that complexity from the beginning.
  • Momentum is important. Magento’s initial momentum continues to impel it. People generally like to choose solutions that are growing faster and are tested. It’s easier to keep a successful product rolling than to start a new one as it takes several major steps over years to make something going well.  It is easier to find Magento consultants than other frameworks according to one of the largest design and customization community
  • Fits a “leading edge” niche well:  Open source allowed  the top developers and websites to take a good framework and rewrite them if they wish.  The early adopters were frustrated and irritated with other options like which was dying on the vine for years and was largely unchallenged.  This allowed them a very clear foothold market.
  • Successfully adopted Red Hat’s business model: To be the Red Hat of Ecommerce, was one of the founding ideas of Magento.Linux is one of the greatest computing success stories but no one thinks of it anymore. They’ve become synonymous with open source eCommerce.
  • Pivoted to SaaS.  This is later, but a good move. Early adopters want configuration, customizability, capability etc.  Late adopters want simple, reliable, trusted. If they didn’t do this long-term, they would have risked disruption.

Some of other facts due to which Magento is incredible and googled more than any other eCommerce sites are

  • It is favourable for marketing promotions and tools.
  • It is 100% search engine friendly.
  • It allows applying textures, developing custom subthemes, and uploading custom background and unlimited colours.
  • One can add custom content in every part of the store and can also set custom number of products in a row.
  • It allows multistore installation with different settings for different store.