How to Uninstall Joomla?

Sometimes you may want to uninstall Joomla from the server for one of the following reasons:

  • You want to move the Joomla website to another server and you want to use the current host to delete all information related to the website.
  • There was a problem with your initial installation and you want to redo everything from the beginning.
  • You just want to get rid of your Joomla website!

Unlike installation, there is no such method to uninstall the Joomla directly from the server. Uninstall of Joomla is done manually. For this, you need to delete all the Joomla files and drop the MySQL database that has been created during installation.

  • Well, the process is very simple, here is what you can do:
  • Log in to the FTP of your website and delete all Joomla folders and files.
  • Make sure you do not delete folders that do not belong to your Joomla website.
  • If you have installed a lot of extensions and/or a lot of images/files on your website, this process may take a long time.
  • Go to phpMyAdmin and delete the database containing the data of the Joomla website.
  • Make sure not to delete shared databases (databases shared by different websites, the only difference is the table prefix). Go to the “Cron Jobs” page (or Cron Manager) in cPanel and delete all cron associated with the Joomla website.

Generally, it takes a lot of time to delete the files through FTP, so its recommended to remove data through host manager (ex: Cpanel, Plesk).

How to uninstall Joomla from cPanel?

If you have installed the Joomla through any of the Joomla website using Softaculous an auto-installer in cPanel, then you can uninstall the Joomla in a single click. Softaculous is a commercial script library that automatically installs commercial and open source web applications onto websites. Most of the hosting provides like Godaddy, Siteground and Hostgator provides cPanel with Softaculous in it.
If you need help uninstalling the Joomla website, or if you think the process is daunting, then we will help you. Please contact us and we will serve you.


If you are afraid to perform this process, please don’t do it and seek help from a Joomla professional.
Remember, if something goes wrong, it will definitely go wrong! Be careful while you delete the files or folders.
If you are not sure about a file or directory, please do not delete it, and then seek the help of a Joomla professional again.
This process does not delete the email account associated with your Joomla domain.

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Abhilash Sahoo

Abhilash Sahoo

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