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Top 25 Magento ecommerce Plugins

Ecommerce websites can be enhanced with their functionalities with aids like Magento ecommerce. This is an open source application for ecommerce sites. The application has gained appreciation and popularity because of its flexibility.  There are many plugins this application offers. Here are the top 25 magento ecommerce plugins that are flexible and helpful in augmenting the features of the ecommerce sites and their functionalities. Most of the web hosting plans offer Magento ecommerce Plugins for free in their plans.

1. Canonical URLs:

The Canonical URLs are useful in adding to the canonical links to the Magento pages.

2. Yoast Meta Robots:

This is an SEO plugin. This is very useful in adding meta robots tags to the Magento pages.

3. CMS Meta Robots:

This is another plugin that adds meta robots tags to the Magenta pages.

4. Mailchimp Ecommerce 360:

Mailchimp Ecommerce 360 reporting is greatly helpful in measuring the rate of return of the email campaigns. So, you can measure the return emails that you have created. This tracks various activities like the clicking of email, visiting the website through clicks and this tracking continues till the order of process in your website through the purchase process. Mailchimp Ecommerce 360 reporting sums up the details and information tracked and it also displays the report in the campaign report.

5. Auto cross sell products:

This plugin for Magento pages automates the maintenance of product cross sell. Whenever a customer clicks the link to view the products, then the link takes the customer to the cross sell products.

6. Lazzy Monks:

This is the plugin to add the Google Ads blocker to the Magento pages.

7. Auctionmaid matrxrate:

For international shipping business, improves the shipping fee rate table for the Magento pages.

8. Category admin product tab:

This plugin adds the product edit link to the category tab and this is an edit product link.

9. Change Attribute Set:

After you have registered the product, the products attributed can be changed by using this plugin.

10. Fontis WYSSYG:

This plugin is used to get what you see in the feature of the Magento page.

11. Mass Product Relater:

Mass product relater plugin is used to register the relevant products, cross sells and up sells.

12. Fooman Google Analytical Plus:

Actual typed pages and every individual page can be tracked using this plugin.

13. Advanced Site Map:

This can be used to link the products of the current store you own.

14. Post Affiliate Pro Connector:

You can handle automatically, click, sales affiliate tracking, using languages like PHP and java script.

15. IW PayPal Standard Currencies:

You can add any currency to your shops admin panel that is supported by PayPal using this plugin.

16. J2T Points and Rewards:

This allows the customers to accumulate points on the items they buy. These points can be used to get the rates of the products reduced that they buy in future.

17. Fontis Secure Pay:

You can process payments through SecureXML gateway.

18. Checkout Newsletter:

A newsletter that contains all the information regarding your business can be sent to the customer using this plugin.

19. Events calendar:

This plugin displays all the events in your website.

20. Exploded Menu:

Use this plugin to replace the standard menu and get a multicolumn drop down menu.

21. Easylight box:

Magento Easy Light box can make your products displayed as a lightbox.

22. Fooman Invoice:

Create individual invoices for shipment and credit memo using this plugin.

23. Teaserbox:

Show the teasers of the site with this plugin.

24. Magento Easy tabs:

You can add additional tabs that are informative through this plugin.

25. Most viewed module:

In the homepage of the customer area, this plugin can create an automatic list of the products that are mostly viewed.




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