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SEO for Joomla Websites


We had already discussed about why we need SEO for Joomla websites. In the same post we had also talked about the need of Joomla SEO services. But, in case you missed out, let’s remind you briefly, Joomla doesn’t gel well with SEO. So, for search engine optimization, we have to exclusively empower Joomla run websites.

But the question is how. Ofcourse, Infyways Solutions is there to help you in SEO for Joomla websites. In this post, we would be providing some handy tips on SEO for Joomla websites.

SEO for Joomla Websites – Tips and Tricks

  • Enable SEF URL and URL rewriting – You can enable Search Engine Friendly (SEF) URL and URL rewriting from the Global Configuration settings.
  • Exclude /images/ from robots.txt file – In the robots.txt file generated at the time of Joomla installation, does not index the image folder in the directory. It is advisable to exclude it from the robots.txt file. As a considerable amount of traffic comes from image search also.
  • Use Alt tags & image optimization – Image optimization is a must, both from SEO point of view as well as page loading. It’s the best SEO for Joomla websites having large multimedia in it.
  • Manage Meta data efficiently – Although Meta keywords are of lesser significance these days. But SEO for Joomla websites can be improved considerably, by using Meta description and Meta tags.
  • Create internal links to old posts – Linking back to old posts is an important technique to improve page rank and boost traffic to the Joomla website. Google views highly to websites having a strong and relevant backlink structure.
  • Decrease load speed of Joomla websites – Get rid of unused modules in the website and optimize the codes to improve page loading speed. It can also be decreased considerably, by enabling Gzip.

So, these are some of the easy to follow SEO for Joomla websites. Incase there is any difficulty in implementing it, then you can request a quote any time. Our Joomla SEO team will assist you in every matter.

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