Rewrite Joomla URL Using SEF for Optimization

Joomla is a search engine friendly CMS and ships well with SEO. It has a number of inbuilt tools for page optimization. Using Joomla native SEF you can easily rewrite web page URLs. You can also use custom plugins for rewriting URLs. But it is better to use Joomla search engine friendly component. You can do this by the help of the following steps.

How to Rewrite Joomla URL Using SEF

This post covers how you can rewrite Joomla URL using SEF easily. The core Joomla SEF URLs build urls based on the alias of your article/menu item. For Example: Instead of it would be

To turn that on:

  • In the root of the directory Joomla is installed in and look for htaccess.txt and rename it to .htaccess
  • In the admin >> Global configuration >> site tab look for SEO settings and turn them all on (unless you dont want the .html extensions, that one is optional)

If you are unable to rewrite Joomla URL using SEF or don’t want to risk it, then request a quote today. Our team of professional Joomla developers will assist you in the process.