One Page Joomla Customization – Easy to Follow Steps

One Page Joomla Customization Without Using Multiple Templates

Joomla is an easy to use content management system. The template files can be changed to add functionalities to the website. But is one page Joomla customization possible? Ofcourse, you can make custom changes for a single Joomla page as well. Page specific CSS modifications can be made with the help of a Joomla menu parameter called Page Class Suffix.

How to Make One Page Joomla Customization?

Follow these steps to bring about one page Joomla optimization:

  • Go to Joomla template/index.php file
  • Add the following code
  • Now all Joomla pages will have either of the following:
<body id="default"> or <body id="yourPageClassSuffix">
  • Combine these with specifying modules per menu item.

You have successfully customized a Joomla page without using multiple templates. In case you face any problem during one page Joomla customization then request a quote. Our Joomla bug and error fixing team will assist you in the process.