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Frequently Asked Questions​

Joomla Upgrade Service involves updating your Joomla website to the latest version, ensuring improved security, enhanced features, and better performance.

Upgrading ensures your site is secure, runs efficiently, and utilizes the latest features and improvements. It also helps in maintaining compatibility with new extensions and technologies.

The time required varies depending on the complexity of your site and the extent of the upgrade. Simple upgrades may take a few hours, while more complex sites could require several days.

We strive to minimize downtime. In many cases, we can perform upgrades on a staging environment, ensuring your live site remains operational.

We will review all custom extensions and ensure compatibility with the new Joomla version. If issues arise, we’ll discuss potential solutions with you.

We take extensive backups before starting the upgrade process. This precaution minimizes the risk of data loss and ensures a safety net in case of unexpected issues.

The cost depends on your site’s complexity, the Joomla version you’re upgrading from, and any additional services required. We provide a detailed quote after assessing your site.

We take care to maintain your site’s SEO settings during the upgrade. However, improvements in site speed and performance post-upgrade can positively impact SEO.

Yes, we offer post-upgrade support to address any issues and ensure your site runs smoothly on the new Joomla version.

It’s recommended to upgrade your Joomla site whenever a new version is released. Major updates are less frequent, but keeping up with minor updates is crucial for security and performance.