Install Joomla on Computer Step by Step Procedure

Install Joomla on Computer

Joomla is an open source CMS for developing websites. It has a unique blend of advanced and simple options, which makes it a good content management system. Apart from the common features of CMS, Joomla also offers easy to integrate extensions, one click installation and user interactive options. To enjoy super functionality, switch over and install Joomla on computer.

Requirements for Installing Joomla

  • PHP Version 5.3 or above
  • My SQL Version 5.0.4 or above
  • Apache Version 2.x or above

Instead of installing each of these individually, you can opt for a single package. Depending on the platform choose any one:

  • WAMP for Windows platform
  • LAMP for Linux platform
  • MAMP for Mac platform
  • XAMPP for Any platform

How to Install Joomla on Computer

Before you install Joomla on computer, ensure that the correct package is already installed. You can prefer any other web server as well. But for that, these programs bundle would not be compatible. If you wish to use Internet Information Services (IIS) instead of Apache on Windows platform, then select the WIMP package.

To install Joomla on computer follow the steps listed below:

  • Download the latest stable version from the official Joomla website and save it on your system.
  • Copy the zip file in the root folder. Your root folder is the one that holds all the data of the site. E.g. Root folder in WAMP is ‘www’ and in XAMPP it is ‘htdocs’.
  • Extract the Joomla zip package in the root folder and rename the folder, say Infyways.
  • Open web browser and type localhost/your_folder_name in the address bar. Eg localhost/Infyways
  • It redirects to an installation page. Select the language and click next. E.g. English
  • In pre-installation check, see that there is no item marked ‘No’ in red color. If you find one, reinstall the programs bundle.
  • Next read the License and click next.
  •  Enter hostname, username and database name. Eg. Hostname: localhost, Username: root and Database Name: Infyways
  • Remove the installation folder and click finish

Follow these steps to install Joomla on computer. Incase you are facing any problem then request a quote. We offer Joomla installation services at affordable price.