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How to transfer data from Joomla to WordPress?

There are times when you realize that your current platform might not be paying off all the things that you want from the website. Joomla is a very good platform, but no one platform is complete in all the respects. It is very well suited to manage contents, however, if you had started your website as a blog site, there would be chances that you would end up feeling the needs of a dedicated blogging platform. There are many blogging platforms around; the most popular of those is the WordPress. WordPress is very powerful, and for whatever reason, you might have decided to move your website from Joomla to WordPress. In this tutorial, we shall discuss how one can do that. So read through to know how to transfer data from Joomla to WordPress.

There are of course various ways in which you can transfer the data from Joomla to WordPress. What is interesting is that, depending on your expertise with computer and website design, you might like different methods. However, if you use time and money as the most important criterion, here we shall talk about a method which is almost entirely based on clicking. Even if we are going to discuss a specific case, we should talk about other methods to make the move. Here are some of the other methods which are commonly used to do the same.

You can start by simply moving data manually. This is the least efficient method. It requires time and also skills. However, if you are one of those geeks who just love to work from the ground up, you would be more than happy to do this. Hence, prefer this method only if you fall into that category. The other method includes transferring the data from the MySQL database. This is actually not that difficult, and almost all the methods have this involved in some level. Then there is an easier method. Use plugin to do your job. Since so many people work towards making the switch from Joomla to WordPress, it is actually very common to have a plugin which would do the stuff in one go. You should look out for that plugin.

However, here we shall talk about something entirely different. We will talk about using an online CMS service to do the migration. Here’s what you should do for transferring data from Joomla to WordPress.

Step 1: Create an account at

This won’t take too long and is as simple as registering for an email ID.

Step 2: Enter the required URLs

This is going to be simple. All that’s needed is that you enter the URL of your Joomla website and the URL of the WordPress website. It is assumed that you have already setup the WordPress website.

Step 3: downloading requisite files

Downloading the ‘the bridge file’ will let you do the exchange of data between the two servers. Should download it and then unzip the file and upload the contents in the root folders of both the servers.

Step 4: Connection verification

Once you are done with all these, you should check the connection between the two servers. Once you are done with this. All you have to do is click on ‘Run Migration’.

This is thus among the simplest ways in which you can manage to transfer files from Joomla to WordPress. You can clearly see where how it is so very easy. So try the method and hopefully, you would finish the process without any hiccups. The overall process won’t take too long, but the details of the time taken depend crucially on the amount of data that you have on your Joomla website.