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How to setup FeedBurner in WordPress?

FeedBurner  is a handy and feature rich tool that is used to burn the RSS feeds by bloggers that too free of cost which makes it well over impossible for people to turn it  down. This software has been designed to provide stats, optimization options for feeds, feed publication option and a score of other things. Google Analytics in collaboration with feedburner is presently synonymous to having a fully functional blog. This article features the process of setting up a wordpress blog’s feed with feedburner and elucidating the numerous advantages of feedburner that will become evident after your readership increases. So read through to know how to setup FeedBurner in WordPress.

While we talk about what feedburner is, mentioning the importance of the same is equally essential. FeedBurner  is free tool that provides a range of services that we do not get with a wordpress blog by default. To mention a few we have the following: Normal blogs have a stats column that has details regarding the number of views on your home page and posts but, a large chunk of readership goes unnoticed when the RSS view count is not taken into account. FeedBurner feeds you the RSS subscriber stats that enables the blogger to analyse plus optimize their posts. Secondly, how ever tech savvy we become, old remains a golden treasure and many of our current generation render their services till date. We are talking about e-mail subscription that has been outdated and has become obsolete since the start of RSS but, with FeedBurner readers can subscribe to a blog via email and also have an option of using various other feed readers such as Netvibes. This move takes into consideration, both the current techie generation and also the generation which saw the computers from the time when they used to occupy area worth many football fields.

Coming down to our main highlight of the article, the process of setting up feedburner for your wordpress feeds. Well, for that you first need to have a google account, if not then get one as it’s free of cost of course ! Visit the feedburner service page by following the link mentioned         and enter your account details on that page to sign in and to start  the process. You will be asked to enter the link to your blog feed following which you’ll put in the title and address of feed which normally is same as your blog’s name. After this step your feeds are created and if you wish you can skip the steps by pressing the skip button that will take you to feed management sector or you can continue with next button to add feedburner stats for a more detailed overview of your blog’s readership. In feed management, click on optimize where you’ll have to have BrowserFriendly, SmartFeed and FeedFlare. Next, click on publicize where you’ll need to activate e-mail subscriptions, pingShot, FeedCount and AwarenessAPI following which you can go to monetize and integrate google adsense. Afterwards, use FD FeedBurner for redirecting readers to feedburner feed page.