How to recover abandoned shopping carts with Magento?

On an average, 71% of people abandon their shopping cart, a statistic that is true for all clients as well. There are a number of reasons why customers leave before purchasing.  There are two main reasons for this; either the customer not being ready to buy or the price. Here is how to recover abandoned shopping carts with Magento.

The biggest impact is in the first 12 hours if you use remarketing to improve on this stat. They tested this by sending the same email immediately and after 24 hours and it was found that there was a 105% improvement by sending immediately than sending the email 24 hours later. By sending an email after 24 hours, there is a of risk getting out of step as the costumers might have ordered in that time and it might upset the costumers if you’re using an offer to try and tempt them back

 But there are ways to get them back and complete the sale. By incorporating the below practices, the abandoned shopping cart can be recovered.

  • After a shopper abandons a cart, send an email and make it customer-service focused.  Ask the customers whether they have faced any problem or encountered an error or if they had trouble checking out and also ask if you can help them in any way. While communicating with the customer avoid using an aggressive sales pitch.
  • Make sure to include your phone number and other contact information, as well as a button and link to the customer’s shopping cart.
  • Merchants who have contacted the shopper within two to three minutes have reported a high attachment rate. So don’t wait too long to send the first email, waiting over an hour can lower your success.  Send another one a day later if you don’t get a response to your first email.  Research group found that offering an incentive to customers who have abandoned carts will double conversion rates.
  • A study found that a large percentage of online shoppers said that high shipping charges were an important reason for abandoning carts. So free shipping charges can win back customers
  • Send one final email five days after the cart was abandoned, if they still haven’t purchased, and offer an even bigger discount.
  • Mix up incentives, so that people don’t abandon their carts to get a discount. Send shoppers those who have already used a coupon code a friendly reminder next time they abandon their cart.
  • Persuade shoppers that your web store is the right place to do shopping, regardless of price by including the reasons why they should shop with you whether it’s for easy returns, free shipping or rewards.
  • Make sure that you have persistent shopping carts as 74 percent of online shoppers use shopping carts as wish lists. Generally, persistent carts store items for individual customers so that they can find them again easily when they return to the site. Be careful that your shopping cart doesn’t expire as some shopping carts expire at 24 hours.
  • Automate your responses for greater efficiency.
  • In order to optimize your abandoned cart recapture strategy, track your metrics.

It’s also important to stop abandoned carts before they happen.

  • Make sure there are no problems in checkout process so that the number of incomplete orders can be reduced.
  • Privacy and security policies should be displayed prominently so that people can trust you when they purchase.
  •  Sometimes shoppers abandon carts because they’re not sure of making the right purchase decision so be specific about images and descriptions.