Wordpress Tips and Tricks

Improve the security of your WordPress Blog

Hacking has suddenly become a major problem in the cyber world. Every second day one hears of some or the other site being hacked. This has led to a major security issue in the online world. In spite of this major issue, most of you tend to ignore security while building your site online. Of course, nobody feels that they are going to be targeted. But, precaution is always a better thing while building a business online. A few tips that would help improve your blog’s security are mentioned.

Prohibit Copying Intelligently

The biggest problem that a blogger faces is his/her content being copied. If you are a blogger, you would be aware of how many times your blog content was simply copied and pasted by online thieves. This can be avoided. Simple software is now made available online wherein you would know if your content has been copied by any person. With this software, you can keep a track of how many copy commands were generated for your blog. What’s more, a link from your blog gets pasted on their blog. This link gives the readers an idea of where the content was copied from. This saves you and your blog from many cyber-crimes.

Google Authorship

There have been many cases where a stolen content has got more page rankings than the original one. If you do not wish to be a part of such a page, get a Google Authorship. With this authorship in hand, you would not be ranked after the stolen page’s rank. All you need is a Google+ account where you need to add your blog link to the contributor page. Install the SEO WordPress and in that, go to your profile and add your Google+ URL to the contact info. Now, you have a Google Authorship and your content would be ranked higher against copied content.

Plugin Bugs

When you install any plugin, you are actually granting access to your personal and core files on WordPress. Chances of hacking increase when you install a plugin that has no defined background. You should always check for sound plugins. Those which are featured in with a high ranking should only be installed. You should ignore those plugins that are not featured. Also, check for the number of downloads a hosted plugin holds.

Security Plugins

Maximum security should be ensured when it comes to your content. Change your default username as it makes it easy for the hackers to hack in such cases. Keep limited login attempts for unsuccessful login. You can also have desktop alerts for unsuccessful login.

Security is an important aspect in online business. Try to ensure maximum security for your blog’s long-term success.