Wordpress Tips and Tricks

How to fix same theme name issues in WordPress?

In the recent times, WordPress has proved to be one of the best content-management systems(CMS). This free of cost platform is based on PHP and MySQL. Besides, its web template system uses a template processor which is very compatible for its users. Here is how to fix same theme name issues in WordPress.

WordPress is a great tool for creating blogs. It works good all the time and  it offers updates automatically and numerous other benefits of open source software and also being free. But it is not perfect . Most WordPress problems can be solved with a few tweaks. If you get a error message that headers already sent then it specifies that there is a problem with stray characters which are not visible in front of the opening or closing tag of the file. To fix this replace the file that is causing the error message with your backup copy that was working correctly. If your backup copy is not available then download that file that is causing the problem. Open the file in Notepad. Don’t use Microsoft Word because it will insert hidden formatting characters in the file.

Backups of WordPress database files are very large. You should have 3 to 4 copies of your database backup file just in case your primary backup file gets corrupted. If your backup files take a lot of space then it becomes difficult. Plugins that block spam or that collect statistics on your blog can generate a large amount of data that really isn’t necessary to store in your database backup file. Images can also take a lot of place. So, if you have some image files that you are no longer using then delete the old files.

If you are unable to delete old posts or pages because you are getting error message. The cause of this problem is that it appears that certain plugins interfere with the deleted option. You can fix this by deactivating all your plugins make the necessary deletions then activating your plugin again.  If your version of WordPress does not seem to allow workable permalinks then it might be that the software might not have been correctly created the .htaccess file, which is a key for creating permalinks. This problem occurs because some hosts do not allow WordPress or you to access or edit the .htaccess file. Backup your data on a regular basis to be safe.

Most of the WordPress users know the key to the WordPress Database as the wp config.php file. In this file you set your database connection. But what most of the users don’t know is that the wp-config.php file can be used to specify a wide variety of configurational settings, to improve the performance and security of your WordPress-powered site.