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How to empty wordpress trash automatically?

In earlier days, the old generation computers had a onetime data deletion service. But as “To err is to human”, a human being is prone to commit error, a secondary storage before deletion of the data was introduced and named as Recycle bin. But this storage system also eats up the system’s memory. Similarly wordpress, a web based CMS (Constant Management Solution) software has developed an E-recycle bin called “Trash”. But being on internet where memory is very costly, it is impossible to bear the cost of storing unending amount of trash or rejected material over a long period. This requirement has given birth to a new technology which is used to empty or delete the entire data store in the trash after a particular period. This technology is what this article is concentrated about. Here is how to empty WordPress trash automatically.

            This new innovative and intelligent software which deletes all the unrequired, disposed of data from the Trash as per customer in given timing can be set or activated through the following steps:

The provision of e-recycle bin or trash was added in wordpress 2.9 with an aim to protect accidental data or text deletion. Prior to this there was no safety for data protection leading to huge problem for the user. To deal with the plight of the customers, this system came as a day saver. But as every coin has two sides, nothing comes without its own side effects, this additional facility came with additional data storage and memory based financial cost. This led to the improvement of an automatic trash deleting system which deleted the data after every 30 days.

            But now you don’t have to panic anymore as this article will teach you how to empty your trash automatically which may be daily, weekly or may be any number of days you want. You just have to follow the following simple steps to do so.

  • Open your wp-config.php file which is usually located in the same directory where wp-includes is located.

  • Write the below code in that file

1 define(‘EMPTY_TRASH_DAYS’, 1);

Here the integer 1 refers to the amount of days which you can change to however many days you want. And if you do not like the trash feature, you can get rid of it by setting the number to 0.

            The motto of any business is to provide high quality at a low price; this motto has always been the factor that has allowed various business leaders to transform into huge brand. The same motto is what wordpress aims to provide by giving a secondary storage called trash to save them from accidental data loss and a timely data deletion to save itself from a mammoth financial loss. Moreover with the new technological advancements, the website which is a market leader in blogging, web designing and a new trend setter for providing highly sophisticated technology for customer service gives the authority to control individually the time period for data deletion as per their requirements to its user. So, reap the benefit of this technological advancement and enjoy the services of wordpress in an accident proof environment.

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