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How to edit the footer links of Magento Website?

Magento’s template framework and XML layout and the flexibility that it brings are excellent, but unfortunately it does come with its own learning curve. Getting used to it can take some time if you’re unfamiliar with Framework and can turn the most trivial of tasks like modifying the links in the footer of a page. At the bottom of the newly installed Magento version. There’s a footer that contains the copyright information. Magento allows you to completely customize what shows up in the footer of every page in your shopping cart. Changing the copyright information and editing the footer can be easily accomplished through the Magento Admin Panel. Here is how to edit the footer links of Magento website.

Following steps are used to edit the footer links in Magento website

  • The first step is to login to the administrator back-end of the store. If you have installed Magento under a sub-folder of the root folder, you should add this directory name before the index.php. However most of the templates available use the same Identifier for the footer.
  • Allow the Magento back-end to render completely after you have logged in and navigate to the CMS > Static Blocks tab. Click on the name of the block and this will load the editor for it.
  • An advanced html editor is enabled by default and if you want to add html code you created for the footer you may disable the editor functions and use plain one via the “Show/HideEditor”button.
  • Click the “Save Block” button available at the top right corner of the page after you have completed editing the links for the footer and navigate back to the front-end. Refresh the page to see the changes you have set.  

Another way of editing the footer links in magento website is

  • Log into your Magento Admin Backend
  • Go to System ->> Configuration
  • Select “Design” under “General” in the left menu pane
  • Click on the “Footer” section in the centre of your browser screen to open it
  • Type your new custom copyright information under the “Copyright” section
  • Click “Save Config”

New links can be added to the footer by the following steps

  • Select CMS > Static Blocks in the Admin Panel
  • Select the Footer Links block in the list.
  • Enter a name for your new link in the list of footer links using the editor
  •  In the editor toolbar highlight your entry, and then click the Insert Link button. Then, do the following:
  • Enter a name for your new link in the list of footer links using the editor
  • Click Save Block to save your changes
  1. Enter the URL key for your page, in the Link URL field
  2. Select whether you want the page to open in the current browser window, or in a new browser window, in the Target field.
  3. Enter a title for your link that will appear when the cursor moves over the link in the Title field
  • Enter a name for your new link in the list of footer links using the editor
  • Click Save Block to save your changes.

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